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Book Summary

A leader is a craftsman skilled in influencing direction, course of action, attitudes and opinions. However, before a leader can influence others, they must first influence themselves—this is Ground Zero Leadership.

Ground Zero Leadership begins at ground zero—yourself. Becoming the CEO of You, Inc. is the first step. Your job as CEO of You is to get your Board of Directors to act in concert for your betterment instead of your detriment. Let me introduce you to your board–you know them as your BODY, MIND and EMOTIONS. When you have a board meeting, who usually wins the vote? Have you ever made an emotional decision? How’d that work out?

This book is a field guide for leaders. You will learn how the machine of your mind works and how you can apply that knowledge to build and control your leadership muscles. Once you are able and competent at leading (influencing) yourself, you move on to influencing those closest to you. Once you are able and competent at leading those around you, only then can you be effective at leading your organization. CEO of You walks you down the psychological path to effective self-influence and self-control.

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Do you have to perform under pressure?

With zero room for error?

Then you are in the right place.

Have you ever… hesitated … making a hard decision? Or experienced a fight or flight moment?

Ever worry or have doubts when coping with a major change, or simply making BUDGET?

How about the stress and weight that comes from trying to juggle work, finances, and family?
Maintaining balance – What-A-Constant-Struggle.

I understand that struggle.  I have that struggle, most high-performers do.

That’s where Mental Toughness Training comes in. You know, when folks hear the term “Mental Toughness”, what usually pops up is an image of some crazy 10k obstacle course in the mud, or some spec ops survival training camp. Those things ARE tough, no question about it. But … that’s more about pushing yourself past your physical limits. Mental Toughness is about taking control of your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes … especially under pressure.

Mental Toughness is about being disciplined in how you think your thoughts, in how you deploy your emotions to drive past your worries, doubts and fears. It’s about taking complete control of yourself, your reactions, and your thinking.

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