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Speaking & Training

Organizations hire Andrew to speak on a number of topics, including:

+ Ground Zero Leadership: The CEO of You
+ People Whisperer: Getting Anyone to do Anything You Want
+ Critical Thinking: A Physical Skill
+ Mental Toughness: The Secret to Complete Control
+ Motivational Intelligence: Employee & Customer Engagement
+ Making Stress Your Rocket Fuel

Audiences love Andrew’s inimitable approach, humor, entertaining style and practicality that give participants a new perspective with innovative ideas and simple action steps that produce immediate results.

“I participated in the CEO of you course at a very tough time in my life.  What it gave me the ability to do was identify who I am and who I want to be… I now know how to identify, think about, and process any and all things that may come my way… The biggest take away I have had from the experience is a sense of urgency… Just 6 weeks into this year I have already completely accomplished one of my yearly results metrics, and have another more than 30% complete.  That puts me significantly ahead of my peers.” 

Chris LeCroy, VP – Merrill Lynch

“Andrew, first let me start and let you know how excellent the class was that you gave yesterday. I have been here since 1987 and I just want to let you know that was THE BEST class that I have attended since coming to work here. I am sure that you will be asked to return to give another class because of the talk around here – the information that you gave us was so powerful. I have only been back at work for three hours and I’ve already been approached by three different people wanting to know what type of information that you gave us. I told everybody that they would have to attend one of your classes but I’m sure the next class that you give you will have to have a larger training room. You have a lot of people fired up from the presentation yesterday. Once again thank you very much for coming and I enjoyed the class immensely”

Michael C., Lockheed Martin

“Dr. Wittman has an intrinsic ability to not only calm a room, but incubate a learning environment.  The material presented was very tangible and enlightening. Can’t wait to incorporate these tactics in both my career & personal life.”

E. Wallis

“Being new in the management field has a different set of challenges. Andrew’s class has helped me learn to take time to do things with a controlled approach.”

D. Downs

“Andrew, you know the business and the support you gave to us gave me the ability to continue with my leadership calling.  Keep up the the excellent presentation and training.”

Annceleste G.

“Today’s workshop was excellent, as it will assist me in attacking both present and future goals as a supervisor and moving up the ladder within the organization.”

Nathaniel B.

“Not at all what I expected! This training was VERY insightful & taught techniques that can be put to use immediately.  Andrew was very ENGAGING & kept the attention of the class for the entire 6 hours!”

Marty P.

“I believe the knowledge and direction given to us by Dr. Wittman was very professional. I will continue to use every tip of advice demonstrated to me as I continue to supervise my subordinates. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me.”

Andrea H.

“Andrew provided insight into effective and productive communication with and to subordinates and superiors that doesn’t provoke negative emotions and decrease motivational performance.”

A. Coates

“Andrew Wittman was extremely knowledgeable and he answered every question that was asked.  He made it apart of his teachings and never once were we bored.”

T. Harris

“The life relational scenarios of Andrew made the material obtainable.  His accomplishments and personal life could have come across as super hero-ish, but his mantra was real and believable.”


Shelley S.

speaking training consulting

“This was a GREAT workshop! It was educational and inspiring.  Andrew made it interesting and enjoyable. I can not wait to start CONTROLLING the CHAOS in my life.”

S. Powell

“EXCELLENT! Change the way I view myself and have the tools to develop better relationships with other. EMPOWERING – giving myself permission to be the CEO of me.”

V. Sims

“Andrew is a good communicator who has the ability to change the mood of a room and ENGAGE EVERYONE. I truly enjoyed the training and hope he has the opportunity to bring other topics to our location in the future.”

Bryan M.

“This was EXCELLENT! I really needed this class. Control starts today!”

V. Scott

“Excellent teacher. Thank you, Andrew for your life, service and willingness to grow and share it with us.”

C. Harris

“Dynamic speaker – extremely pertinent examples, easy to listen to and engaging. Very helpful.”

T. H.

“Very interesting training approach, not your typical corporate training. Andrew kept my interest and gave me a lot to think of.”


“Very STIMULATING and DIFFERENT approach to making changes to manage my way of working and being happy in all things.”

D. Wilson

“Andrew did a FANTASTIC  job – he knows and understands his subject thoroughly and has a very engaging manner.”

K. Holland

“Very informative. I learned a lot to deal with day to day issues.”

Lisa W.

“Andrew’s workshop was very informative, uplifting and educational.”

Felicia F.

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