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Thinking Like CRAP

Clarity – Relevance – Accuracy – Precision




Thinking like CRAP – the 4-step filtering process to run every thought through when making any and all decisions.

Clarity – To get crystal clear on the exact issue at hand, start by removing anything NOT relevant

Relevance – The Golf example: Is the bunker or water obstacle relevant to where you are hitting the ball? No, the Pin is the only thing relevant, so clear the board of the bunkers, the water obstacles, the rough areas, etc. FOCUS only on what is relevant.

Accuracy – Be accurate in what the obstacles are – i.e. the distance to the Pin (185 yards is different than 200 yards), the wind, which way the ball will roll upon landing on the green.

Precision – Be precise and specific in the language of your thoughts.  “I always slice the ball”  – the word “always” is neither accurate nor precise. Instead, “I have tendency to slice the ball when my focus on the fundamentals of my swing is directed to the bunkers.”

With daily practice, thinking like CRAP becomes natural and fluid and orders your thoughts, emotions, and attitude to help you grab the best 126 bits/second of information for action.

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GO! Or Get Off The Pot

“You’ve heard the saying, ‘Analysis creates paralysis.’ You can’t be 100 percent sure of anything.”

Mark Burnett

 Go or Get Off the Pot

The only thing you can be 100% sure of, is that you CAN’T be 100% sure of anything.  Peak Performers have common the ability to assess risk and make a decision very quickly.  They change that decision very slowly, if at all.  They have the confidence to handle whatever the consequences their decision brings.  They know that if the calculated risk they take, ends up going south, they’ll know what to do, how to do, and when to do it.  They will continue to do it, as long as it takes to solve the problem or series of problems that arise.  I know that I will handle anything that life throws my way, how about you? (Keyword is WILL here.)

The vast majority of folks (upwards of 95%), make decisions slowly, analyze, think, re-think, procrastinate, push off any decision, hoping that they won’t have to actually decide to do, or not do something.  WHY? They have absolutely no confidence in their abilities to make a good decision, and their abilities (WILL) to get back on track if things start to go sideways.

If you are in the 95%, the only way to gain confidence in these areas is to practice making decisions quickly and then sticking with them, riding out the roller coaster, and continuing to work whatever problems arise.  (See 10,000 Rounds On Target for more details on this concept of practice.)

Only you can stop the “Deer in the Headlights” routine.  Try practicing at the next yellow light you drive up on: Speed up or Stop! What do you do? Assess the road conditions, the oncoming traffic, the cross traffic, the knucklehead texting behind you, your distance from the intersection, your speed, and now decide, and deal with it.  Or think and re-think, analyze, push off the decision to a later time, get back to it next week or so, when you aren’t as busy.  “Ridiculous,” you say! Exactly!

GO, or get off the POT!!

Boo Yah!