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Communication – Maximize the Message

The Art of Communication… and the Science behind the Art

Andrew discuss the art and science behind effective communication and how you can maximize your message, on his weekly radio show, Get Warrior Tough, heard weekly on WCCP FM 105.5 The Roar.  Radio Studio Shot

7% of our message in the WORDS and LANGUAGE we use

38% of our message is the TONE of our VOICE

55% of our message is communicated VISUALLY – facial expressions, body language & posture, the clothes and colors you wear, and your appearance, charisma and presence.


The words we speak are the least important part of our message, yet most of us focus on that part first and the most.  Take complete control of yourself first, (CEO of You, Inc. – control of your body, mind and emotions) then drill down.

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Give the Loaf Back

“Half a loaf is better than none.”  –John Heywood (c.1497-1580)

“Half a loaf sucks compared to owning the bakery”  — Andrew Wittman (circa right now)


How much is your dream worth to you? Would you consider giving up your dream for a job offer that was “too good to refuse”, or at least good enough to make you comfortable?

Maybe you already have sold your dream for the proverbial half a loaf. If you have accepted the half a loaf, you can either stop reading now and enjoy what’s left of the crust for the rest of your life, or read own, re-dream, and give the loaf back.

I have refused many such offers of the “half loaf”.  I’ve even walked away from some “whole loaf” offers, (to the angst of my wife).  The price of my dream is so high, almost no amount of money, comfort, “security”, benefit package, or safety net would be enough.  It’s unthinkable to me to give it up, and waste my one shot at life, building somebody else’s dream at the expense of my own.  Or worse, simply in the service of somebody who has already achieved their dream, living life as a hired gun, managing their headaches, whilst they play in the sun.

I don’t believe half is better than none.  I believe settling for half when you could have the entire bakery is worse than none.  If I walk away with none having risked going for the bakery, so be it.  You can get half a loaf at anytime, anyplace, without any effort.  How do I know? Just look around, we are surrounded by folks (maybe even glance in the mirror) gnawing on the “effortless half a loaf”.

I’d rather have none and have gone for my dream.  The half a loaf is crap, even the full loaf is crap.  Go for the bakery, if you fail, you can stand at the off-ramp of the interstate with a “Will Work For Food” sign, not mean it, and still come away with a full loaf.

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Desensitize Yourself:

Trepidation To Trite 

Desensitize yourself

Back in the late 1990’s, I drove through the gates of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, in Glynco, GA. I was met by the security force (FLETsee 5-0, as we called them), and the horrid and putrid sulfuric smell of the nearby paper mill. WOW! The odor was like fermented rotten eggs on steroids with Brussel Sprouts on top (insert gagging here)! I’m not sure how long it took, but by the time I was bedding down that first night, I didn’t notice the smell any longer. Wind shift perhaps? No, desensitization. My brain had shut down sending the out the “foul odor signals” and allowed me to function normally, without the gagging and choking back down the rising bile and vomit it caused.

The same thing happens when eating that yummy special meal of your “favorite” food. Once you eat it so much that it no longer becomes special, it doesn’t taste that great. In fact, if that’s all you had to eat, every meal of every day, it wouldn’t be your favorite before long, and wouldn’t even taste good. It would become trite, banal, boring and downright blah.

Alcohol is the same. That initial drink that puts a teetotaler on his or her butt, with head spinning, has no impact on the seasoned-drinker that can hold his or her liquor. We humans quickly build up a tolerance for things, or put another way, are easily desensitized. When Elvis first hit the scene with gyrating hips, it was shocking. Looking back now, after almost 60 years of desensitization, his movies are deemed mild enough for preschoolers.

What if we deployed this phenomenon to our advantage? The Warrior Culture has been doing it for eons. First, we must take an honest assessment of what causes us fear, trepidation and anxiety. Once recognized, go and do the very thing(s) that you fear. Very quickly your trepidation will become trite, just like that favorite meal eaten over and over again. Panic becomes pedestrian.
During a family trip to the beach, I had my 16 year-old son drive the majority of the time. He was a new and inexperienced driver at the time. He had fear and trepidation about driving on I-95 for several hours, in the midst of beach traffic, thunderstorms and high-speed lane changes. After about an hour, he went from butterflies to banal. And after two more hours, from banal to bored, with the long, dull stretches of straightaways at same steady speed, mile after mile. We can do the same, and should.

I used to be terrified of any kind of “selling”. How ridiculous! I’ve made my living being shot at by bad guys the world over, and yet, terrified of someone telling me “No” in a sales environment. Well, businesses don’t build themselves, and if I wanted mine to succeed, selling was a must. I took on a project that had me making 50 cold calls each week. Guess what? By the second week, desensitization worked its magic. After 6 months, I stopped the project, having gained what I needed, trepidation turned to trite. I don’t fear sales calls, sales call fear me. I don’t fear taking calculated risks, calculated risks fear me.

Identify your trepidation. GO and DO it until it becomes trite. Desensitize Yourself.

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Are You A One-Hit Wonderer?

“Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”

Andy Grove


I’ve seen so many folks realize some success, start to enjoy the comforts of it, become complacent and begin a downward spiral.  I’ve seen it with people in their corporate careers, with entrepreneurs, with special operations warriors, athletes, politicians, coaches, actors, singers, ministers, and the list goes on.  It makes me very sad to see this phenomenon, especially when it happens to a past mentor, coach, or someone I held as a model for my own success.  They rest on their past success, get fat and happy, and it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves at the bottom end of things.  There are many examples of declining performers succumbing to the stupor induced by drugs, alcohol, excessive junk food, or just resting on laurels in general.

I hate to see it happen to others, but I would hate it even more if it happened to me.  Paranoid might be a good word for it, or as Captain Jack Sparrow would say, “I like to keep a weather eye open.”  I’m vigilant times ten about becoming complacent.  Complacent means to be content, self-satisfied, pleased with yourself, and showing satisfaction with things as they are.  This shouldn’t be confused with confidence which is the self-assurance that come as a result of success.

There is a fine line between confidence and complacency, between self-assured and self-satisfied.  I walk that line like I’m on a high wire over Niagara Falls without a safety harness.  I know that the great performers are never content with yesterday’s results.  What if Thomas Edison was satisfied with the phonograph? No light-bulb.  What if he was content with his life’s work after the light-bulb? No motion pictures.  Most people I know would have been more than OK with just one of those things, sold the patent to the guys on the Shark Tank, and retired to the islands. (NOTE: The Shark Tankers aren’t content nor satisfied, and neither should we be.)

Be ever aware that success breeds complacency, and the downward spiral which leads to becoming a one-hit wonder or an invitation to appear on Celebrity Fit Club, (or to do a construction show with the Amish).

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Be Your Own Boss

Regardless of whether I get a W2 or a 1099 (status as an employee or an independent contractor, for my international friends), in my mind I work for ME.  I am the CEO of Andrew Wittman, Inc.

 Be Your Own Boss

It might sound a little kooky at first but if you look at your job/career from the perspective that says, “My boss is not my boss, but my customer or client,” everything changes.  Suddenly, I’m in charge and in control.  Once that happens, the manager or supervisor that is overbearing, or got their position through the “screw up & move up” principal, you won’t get so wrapped around the axle, every time you come in contact with the fallout from one of their decisions.

I work for me, and only me.  I provide my customers with extremely ridiculous value.  Before I take a job, whether as an employee or a consultant, I weigh out the salary with what solutions I can provide.  My goal is to always provide solutions that far outweigh the pay.  After that goal is accomplished, I have firmly established that “Andrew Wittman, Inc.” is a resource and vendor that provides the highest quality product at a great price.  As such, I leverage that status to further establish myself as someone who operates above and beyond the scope of the clock-punching employees, who need constant supervision.

The last job I took as an employee, this was done within three weeks.  I had solved a problem that was worth more than the combined pay of the entire executive and management team, (for the next 5 years).  I put all my efforts in providing the very best service and value added solutions to every problem they would allow me to work on.  I’ve done this since my days in the Marine Corps, and it neutralizes any thoughts and feelings of being trapped and subservient to the pay check, the economy, or the company.

I know that I can take my knowledge, skills, and abilities anywhere, and provide extremely valuable solutions to any company, in any economy, at any time.  Whatever company is my customer, they can cancel my services at any time, and I can fire them, as my client, just as easily.  Don’t be trapped by a job, a pay check, the economic conditions or a company, any more than you have to be.  Work for yourself, run your own business, and start being your own boss right now.

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Being Wealthy Begins With Thinking

My business partner and mentor, Steve Siebold, discusses the thinking of wealthy folks, which he uncovered during his 29-year case study of the self-made rich.  Steve has interviewed over 1200 self-made (read – earned it, not inherited it) millionaires and billionaires, and documented his findings in his internationally best-selling book, “How Rich People Think“.



In his column in the Huffington Post, he lists several examples in the differences in the thinking of the middle class and of the wealthy, here are just a few:

• Middle class focuses on saving. The wealthy focus on earning.

• Middle class believes money is earned through labor. The wealthy believe money is earned through thought.

• Middle class sees money through the eyes of emotion. The wealthy see money through the eyes of logic.

• Middle class is waiting to be rescued from financial mediocrity. The wealthy know no one is coming to the rescue.

• Middle class equates money with stress. The wealthy equates money with peace of mind.


CLICK HERE to read Steve’s column.

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Are You Waiting on Big Mo?

“Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum.”

-Tom Watson

big mo

STOP thinking about moving forward and start MOVING FORWARD! Momentum is an amazing thing to behold.  You can see it amplified on the football field, (gridiron, to my international friends).  The more a struggling team thinks about what’s going wrong, and the fact that they aren’t gaining any traction, the worse they perform…unless, and until, one player does something successful, an interception, a fumble recovery, a blocked kick, a huge kick return.  Something, anything, to change the team from THINKING about what’s going wrong, to MOVING FORWARD.

Analysis paralysis, is a momentum killer.  Momentum, like beauty, is in the mind of the beholder.  If you believe, and therefore act, like you have Big Mo on your side, you do.  If you believe, and therefore act, like Big Mo is against you, she is against you.  It’s really as simple as that.  Big Mo, is a psychological phenomenon.  That is a wonderful fact to place in your success tool box.  You create and control your own momentum.

My mentor’s mentor, Bill Gove, used to say, “It’s easier to act your way into good thinking, then it is to think your way into good action.”  Read that again, and again.  Herein lies the key to creating and controlling Big Mo in your life.  Begin to DO, and then DO that some more, and then just keep DOING that.

If you don’t know what to do, figure out where you want to GO, then find someone else on that same path, and walk that path.  Copy their actions, do what they do.  You will not be good at doing it at first, but neither were they.  You, like those before you, will only get good as you DO the DOING of the thing that needs to be DONE.

I know we already know this stuff, but are we DOING it? “Knowing” and “Doing” aren’t the same thing.  If you already know it, then ask yourself, “Why aren’t I further ahead?”

If you are waiting for Big Mo, you should be aware that Big Mo is waiting on you.

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The Main Reasons Businesses Fail

My business partner and mentor, Steve Siebold, is interviewed on the Voice America Network’s radio show, Success Unchained.  Hear Steve’s surprising answers to the main reasons businesses fail, which has nothing to do with the actual business.



CLICK HERE to listen to this interview about Mental Toughness.

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