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Building a Culture of Greatness

“What an incredible honor it was to share some insight with The University of Alabama last night that the players can carry with them through the rest of their lives. I learned quite a few things myself spending some one-on-one time with Nick Saban! 30 minutes prior to my speech Nick asked me to share what I’ve learned about Building a Culture of Greatness and as I did so, he was the one taking the most notes, but that’s what makes the Great ones Great — always learning and studying to improve. What an AWESOME Day!”

Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger CrimsonTide


Those who know me, know that I’m a huge Alabama football fan, and an even bigger fan of Nick Saban.  I love Nick’s philosophy of “playing to a standard” and always giving your best effort, even when you think it doesn’t matter.  This past week, I got an inside look at the coach and team, I admire so much.

My business partner, and a key member of my mentor team, Don Yaeger, spoke to the Crimson Tide football team about Building a Culture of Greatness.  I’m thrilled to be associated with folks that are part of that culture.  Although, it does make it difficult to be around anyone who isn’t interested in greatness, and is completely satisfied with mediocrity.  If  greatness interests you, watch Don’s 4-minute video. (CLICK HERE to watch the video)

Don Yeager Andrew Wittman

Thank you, Don, for allowing me to be on the inside track with you.

Boo Yah!