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What is the Outcome You Really Want?

Are YOU willing to the pay the price to get it?


Andrew, Qualk & Dutch, (WCCP The ROAR, 105.5 FM) discuss the process of how and why major decisions are made, like why 49ers linebacker Chris Borland would walk away from millions of dollars and a promising career after only one season.


Going into any situation, ALWAYS ask yourself, “What is the outcome I really want?”  After you give yourself an answer, follow up with, “Am I willing to make the sacrifices to get it?”

I don’t know Chris Borland, but I admire his clarity and mental toughness to walk through the honest assessment process and then make a clear cut decision.  ALL of us have the same option to make a choice, to go for the outcome we really want, once we have made the decision to pay the price to get it.

This honest assessment strategy is a handy tool to use in any context, whether it be dealing with relationships, career moves, fitness and nutrition, or buying a house or car.  Before entering the decision making arena, always know before hand what outcome you REALLY want.  Then calculate the price in physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial terms. Are you willing to pay that cost to get the outcome? If yes, then go for it. If not, then be prepared to settle for less.


How Should You Really Thank Veterans?

“Semper Fi, Devil Dogs!”




Sorry, I had to give a shout out to my fellow Marines! Thanks to the old salty dogs for their service and thanks to the young Marines for continuing the greatest of American traditions.  The ancient Japanese had Samurai Warriors, the ancient Greeks had Spartan Warriors, and we Americans have Marine Warriors.

Inter-service rivalry aside, thanks to all Americans who have served the greatest of American traditions, fighting for our freedom.  Every branch is vital to the mission of securing this great nation. We each should believe in our respective branch of service, but I am sincerely grateful for the service of the members of every branch of our great military.

As a veteran, I can honestly say I do appreciate when someone thanks me for my service, but it also makes me a little uncomfortable, because the truth is, I didn’t do all that much.  Many, many others have done so much more than I did.  They are deserving of thanks, but me….not that much.

To honor those who have spilled their life’s blood, the only real way to thank them is to NOT allow their sacrifice to be in vain.  To truly thank these heroes, live your life to the fullest.  Go and live your dream, that’s what the great ones died for, so that every American could live their dream.  Please don’t waste their gift by focusing on what’s wrong with the country.  Stop all the negative talk and energy on complaining about how our best days are behind us.  Quit listening to the naysayers on both ends of the spectrum, and make the most of every opportunity in your path.  Veterans didn’t put it all on the line so Americans could have mediocre lives.  We did and do it for our fellow Americans to have the chance to live a dream-filled life, which is not possible inside the borders of so many other nations.

How do you really thank Veterans? Make the most of their gift to each us and live great lives filled with liberty, freedom, and happiness.  Whatever you do, don’t waste their sacrifice.

Boo Yah!