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Hall of Fame Mindset & the Science of Visualization

Mindset &Visualization: Keys to Greatness



Qualk (from WCCP 105.5 FM) and I, discuss the mindset that separates the Hall-of-Famer from the rest of the pack, including breaking down the 4 -tracks of thinking:

1) Auto-pilot: Disengaged, life is a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get

2) Negative: Ruminating on past mistakes, always anxious and expecting the worst outcome possible – reroutes your brain’s neurons away from focus, attention and motor control, and releases cortisol and other hormones into the body sending it on a track of sleeplessness, lethargy, fat storing and stress-related diseases.

3) Positive: Better than negative mindset, but can produce bad results – everything is NOT always sunshine, flowers, waterfalls and unicorns.

4) World Class Mindset: Utilizes CRITICAL THINKING skills, separates emotion from the decision making equation and relies on logic, has an execution-based focus, does not pay attention to stats, the scoreboard, or accolades.  This mindset reroutes the neural connections to bypass the reward center of the brain and sends signals to the areas directly controlling motor function.

Qualk and I, also discuss the science (biopsychology) behind Visualization and how creating an IMAX-quality movie clip of how you want to perform gets your body and your mind lined up to produce the results you desire.


Mental Command and Control

Mental Chain of Command

Catch the latest weekly Mental Toughness segment on WCCP’s 105.5 FM The Roar’s “Out of Bounds” with Qualk and Dutch.

Mental Command and Control


Qualk, Dutch and I, discuss command and control of our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes and how giving our thoughts a clear chain of command and hierarchy gives us the ability to compartmentalize in the heat of battle and perform at your peak.

Most folks’ default hierarchy of thought is as follows:



3. Confidence

4. Courage

5. Patience (the quality that refuses to give up)

Flip the order and watch your success rate sky-rocket. Make “Patience” your 5-Star General and demote “fear” to the lowliest private.

1. Patience (the quality that refuses to give up) – Listen to this first

2. Courage

3. Confidence

4. Pain

5. Fear (and Fear of Pain) – Listen to this last

Write down the “Chain of Command” for your thoughts, identify and categorize them, and then relegate them to the proper place in your hierarchy.

Let me know what your Mental Chain of Command is and your most successful technique or strategy for applying it in real life and real time.

Boo Yah!

How to STOP the High-Pressure CHOKE

STOP Performance CHOKING



Have you ever been in a high-pressure situation where you had to have PEAK PERFORMANCE in order to succeed, only to perform well below your capabilities? (Like, really really badly?)

Catch Andrew talking about this very issue with Qualk & Dutch on WCCP 105.5 The ROAR on location at Best Chevrolet in Easley, SC and learn the biopsychology secrets to NEVER CHOKING AGAIN.

Out Of Bounds – Nov 19, 2014

Let me know: Are you more a “LOVE TO WIN” person or a “HATE TO LOSE” person?

Boo Yah!

Give the Loaf Back

“Half a loaf is better than none.”  –John Heywood (c.1497-1580)

“Half a loaf sucks compared to owning the bakery”  — Andrew Wittman (circa right now)


How much is your dream worth to you? Would you consider giving up your dream for a job offer that was “too good to refuse”, or at least good enough to make you comfortable?

Maybe you already have sold your dream for the proverbial half a loaf. If you have accepted the half a loaf, you can either stop reading now and enjoy what’s left of the crust for the rest of your life, or read own, re-dream, and give the loaf back.

I have refused many such offers of the “half loaf”.  I’ve even walked away from some “whole loaf” offers, (to the angst of my wife).  The price of my dream is so high, almost no amount of money, comfort, “security”, benefit package, or safety net would be enough.  It’s unthinkable to me to give it up, and waste my one shot at life, building somebody else’s dream at the expense of my own.  Or worse, simply in the service of somebody who has already achieved their dream, living life as a hired gun, managing their headaches, whilst they play in the sun.

I don’t believe half is better than none.  I believe settling for half when you could have the entire bakery is worse than none.  If I walk away with none having risked going for the bakery, so be it.  You can get half a loaf at anytime, anyplace, without any effort.  How do I know? Just look around, we are surrounded by folks (maybe even glance in the mirror) gnawing on the “effortless half a loaf”.

I’d rather have none and have gone for my dream.  The half a loaf is crap, even the full loaf is crap.  Go for the bakery, if you fail, you can stand at the off-ramp of the interstate with a “Will Work For Food” sign, not mean it, and still come away with a full loaf.

Boo Yah!

Facts Ain’t Always The Truth

Facts and Truth are two completely different entities.


Facts and Truth are two completely different entities. Facts are something that have actual existence. A fact is merely information, neutral, independent and objective. As a cop, investigating a crime, I was always in search of the facts. If, and when, a case went to court, witnesses would swear an oath to tell the truth. We know, for a fact, that eye witnesses are unreliable at best. Why? Because, people deal in truths, not in facts. The truth is our internal perception of the facts and circumstances that make up the experiences of life.

For example, the fact is, it is 68 degrees outside. The truth is, that after 3 years of living in Hawaii, 68 degrees was downright cold. However, it is also truth, after spending a winter in Serbia and Kosovo, 40 degrees felt balmy, and 68 degrees is heat stroke territory.

Facts cannot change, they are unalterable. Truth, on the other hand, is pliable. Knowing this, we can take the facts of any circumstance and perceive them from any angle we want, creating for ourselves, a truth or truths. (Heads up, you are already doing this and have been your entire life, usually to your detriment.) Truths are what beliefs are founded on, we take action on our truths. Almost everyone knows the medical facts that fast food isn’t good for you, but for most of us, the truth is that “it’s okay.” (Based on the fact that the fast food industry does billions of dollars in sales each and every year, and the fact that 1 out of 10 deaths are related to obesity. It’s killing us, but we’re bellied up to the fry-daddy feeding trough.)

I’m reminded of the story of the 300 Spartan Warriors of the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The Persians were attacking Greece during a Spartan holiday and it was against Spartan law to go to war during the holiday. To work around the law, the Spartan king, Leonidas, selected 300 members to serve as his bodyguard and accompany him on a “stroll” to the battlefield.

Legend has it that he selected only warriors that had living sons to carry on their family’s bloodline, because the mission was a one-way ticket. The King, in his wisdom, went further and selected the warriors based on their wives’ and mothers’ ability to show courage and leadership under the grief of losing husbands and sons. Leonidas believed that if the wives and mothers were bitter and depressed, it would spread like a disease, cascading into the defeat of all free Greeks.

In essence, the warriors were chosen based on their wives’ and mothers’ abilities to take the facts of war, gore and the death of their dearest loved ones, and apply the higher truths of freedom, liberty and patriotism for the good of the nation.
We must collect as many unbiased, objective, and evidence-based facts as possible, in order to make logical, well-reasoned and clear decisions. We must also perceive the facts in way that elevates us and puts us on the path to success and fulfillment, in even the face of the deepest sorrows.

What truths are you using as “facts” in your decision making? (This is not good)
What truths are you manufacturing that puts you on the path of fear, depression or defeat? (Also, not good)
Can you create new truths by changing your attitude, perception and level of awareness that will put on a path to confidence, fulfillment and happiness? (Yes, you can and this is good)

Remember, Danger is a Fact – Fear is a manufactured Truth… but so is Love.

Boo Yah!

Inconsistently Consistent?

“To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month or even one year – but for a lifetime.”

Bill Rodgers – Marathon Man


One of the saddest things to witness as a coach, is seeing a client do totally awesome for several months, lose body fat, gain lean muscle, look great, see their countenance change for the better, and then stop doing all the things that produced their success.  Sometimes they try to “get back on the wagon” of good habits, actions and behaviors, only to stop again after a few weeks.  Then on again and off again, with downward spiraling results and eventually finding themselves in worse shape than the beginning.

The on again/off again inconsistency in performance is one of the biggest killers of success I’ve ever come across.  Doing well for a few weeks, then coasting….then feel bad enough to start doing again for a few weeks, then backsliding some more.  Over and over, the only thing consistent is their inconsistency.

Yes, routine is boring sometimes. When I feel bored being consistent, I remind myself of the time I was flying in a corporate jet with an ex-fighter jerk, I mean jock, as the pilot.  He decided he was bored with consistent flight, and started doing some “Goose and Maverick” crap.  The boss wasn’t in the bird, we were dead-heading back home, only an aide, me, and Mr. Ex-fighter (and soon to be ex-corporate aviation) jock.  Fuel was burnt, stuff was launched across the cabin, coffee spilled, suit jackets stained,  and oxygen masks dropped…. but hey, he wasn’t bored.  Nor was he consistent.  I like consistency, a lot.  And so do you….

Can you imagine an inconsistent commercial pilot? There’s a news story for you. What about an inconsistent surgeon? Any volunteers to be his or her next surgery patient? Most of us get torn out of the frame if the garbage pickup isn’t consistent, or the mail runs late, or the cell signal goes in and out.  How about inconsistent cable or satellite TV during a big game, or the series finale “Breaking Bad“?  Power outage at the Super Bowl? At your house?

We don’t tolerate anything less than consistent performance from our entertainment service providers, not to mention our favorite franchise quarterback, who is prone to throwing the 4th Quarter interception,  but we’re usually okay with inconsistency in our own performances. Man DOWN!! What’s the number to 911 again? (What if the 911 Operators weren’t consistent? Just asking...)

Boo Yah!!

What’s Your Target?

Identify the target first

identify your target

Many times when I’m walking clients through the introspective process of gaining clarity, it’s like pulling teeth to get them to tell me what it is that they really want, (i.e. what their target is). It’s exponentially worse with corporate clients, and the as the size of the organization increases, so does the seeming difficulty in identifying a specific target.

Ask yourself this, “What do I really want (in life, in relationships, in business, etc.)? What does it look like? What about in 5 years? What do I want it to look like?”

Inevitably, the answers are centered on what the client doesn’t want – We don’t want to lose market share, we don’t want to do worse this year than last year, we don’t want to invest in more employees because of the uncertainty of the economy, we don’t want more problems, and on it goes.

A large part of what we do, is to teach business pros to use the same thinking tools that snipers utilize. Imagine being a tag-along on a mission with a sniper, perched high above a road through a mountain pass.
“Hey, what’s your target?” you ask.
“Well …hmmmm, see that big rock over there?”
“That’s not the target. And that tree, over there? That’s not the target either. Neither is that mountain in the distance, and it’s not that little enclave of shacks to the south, either.”
Meanwhile, the convoy of Taliban fighters, on their way to the Spring Offensive, drives straight down the mountain pass road, right under your noses. Ridiculous? Exactly!
For many of us, targets drive right under our noses, unnoticed, because we are too busy pointing out everything that is NOT a target. Focus on what you really want, paint that picture in great detail in your mind’s eye, and then write it down. Clearly identify your target – then deploy to the sniper’s perch. Going on the mission before clearly defining that mission is like trying to eat a soup sandwich.


Boo Yah!

How Do You Respond?

Pop Quiz: What would you say in response to emotionally challenging information?  What if it was devastating information? How do you respond to change? What if it is life-altering change forced upon you?


First Response

I don’t like to think about these things, but I’ve found over the years, that if I have thought about my response to the unexpected, it helps….a lot.  I’ve also found that my initial response sets the course of how everything goes after any surprising news hits.

Several years ago, I had a coaching client that was diagnosed with the advanced stages of an insidious disease.  The client was told that he a certain amount of time to live, and to get his business in order.  This is an extreme example, and one I hope none of us will have to face.  I had given this client the Pop Quiz long before this incident occurred and he was prepared.  He responded by being grateful for knowing the problem and what he was up against, but decided he would rather live than die.  His initial response was to NOT roll over and blindly accept what he was told about the amount of time he had left on planet Earth.

His fighting spirit set the course for his aggressive treatment plan, and his attitude toward his family, friends, and his business/career.   If he hadn’t prepared his initial response, the news might have taken him out before he even started to fight.  Any professional will tell you that the “will to live” plays an enormous role in the outcome of a fight for one’s life.

Take the Pop Quiz and decide now to have an initial response that spurs you on to victory.  I hope we never have to deal with anything even close to this example, but no matter the case, commit to yourself to win any (and all) challenges life throws at you.  Big, small, huge, or tiny; decide to win, no highway option.


Boo Yah!