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Beating Self-Limiting Beliefs

My comments in Gwen Moran’s article:

5 Habits To Get Over Self-Limiting Beliefs

by Gwen Moran – FastCompany



A big warning sign that you have an iceberg is when you say things like, “That’s impossible” or “I have to,” says mental toughness consultant Andrew D. Wittman, PhD and the author of Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You. When you’re feeling fear or resistance about something, it could be a sign that you have an underlying belief that is triggering those reactions.



Your icebergs may have been formed when you were a child, so they could be pretty well-entrenched and hard to shake, Wittman says. But once you find them, you need to give them a rest, even for brief periods, by suspending your disbelief that you can get beyond them. If that sounds impossible, you need to think again—you do it when you get lost in a movie or other experience that you know is not real, he says. Once you’ve silenced the belief, ask yourself how you can do the thing that you want to do but feel you can’t.

“If you say, ‘How would I?’ your brain will go to work and find all the information that would back that up, and so that puts you in the position of where you can, or at least you can find the solution to, whatever you’re facing,” Wittman says.

Taking It To the Next Level

How to take your performance to the Next Level

Andrew & Dutch discuss the secret ingredient that all top performers mix into to their daily lives that boosts their results.


Peak Performers surround themselves with folks that push and provoke each other into taking massive action.  These fellow performers strip away, refute and refuse any and all EXCUSES from each other.

Are you surrounded by people that will hold you accountable and refuse to accept your excuses for not taking action?

What would it take for you to surround yourself with those that will push and provoke you to higher levels of fulfillment and success? (Another hint: CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER)

The 2-Minute Rule

Suspending Your Disbelief for 2-Minutes

On the Get Warrior Tough Radio Show,  (heard live on WCCP FM every Saturday at 11AM Eastern) Andrew lays out the 2-minute rule of suspending your disbelief for 2-minutes, whenever your inner self-talk screams out resistance to any new idea or concept – stop and instate Andrew’s 2-Minute Rule.  Watch the video to get an in-depth look at how to use this Mental Toughness and Ground Zero Leadership tool.

To see more Get Warrior Tough Radio Show videos, go to the Andrew Wittman YouTube Channel and use the START NOW box at the top of the page – fill in your name and email and be in the loop, getting all the latest leadership and mental toughness strategies and tactics!

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Do You HATE Cheaters? Or Love ‘Em?

Don’t you just HATE Cheating and Cheaters?


Before you answer that out loud, listen to Qualk, Dutch, and Andrew on Out of Bounds (WCCP 105.5 FM).


Also, let’s ask ourselves these questions:

Have I ever driven my car faster than the posted speed limit? (Even if it wasn’t knowingly or intentional)

Do I ALWAYS come to a complete stop at every STOP sign?

Have I ever “fudged” my height or weight at the DMV? (A legal government issued document)

Am I 100% compliant with the tax code? (Do I know the entire tax code? and if not, can I say I am 100% compliant for sure?)

For all the folks calling for people to be suspended, banned, or disqualified and are talking about game “integrity”, how about we reflect a minute or two before saddling up on that Clydesdale.

I was in Amman, Jordan the day Bin Laden was killed and I heard the exact (and I mean EXACT) same things being said on Al Jazeera about the United States:

Americans cheated, they used torture, they stole documents, they listened in on phone calls, they violated treaties, those cheating Navy SEALS invaded Pakistani sovereign territory, they broke into a house and killed an unarmed man. YOU CHEATERS!

For the record, I LOVE cheaters! And if on any level, you enjoy your life, your liberties and your ability to pursue whatever happiness means to you, then you love them too. So just maybe we can put that high horse back in the barn…

It’s All Relative, Sweetheart!

“There’s always a bigger fish.” – Qui-Gon Jinn


The first time I remember becoming aware that what I thought was “big”, was relative, I was in Honduras. It was early 1990 and I was deployed on a counter-terrorist op. As we were moving from the airfield to our bivouac area, I noticed a big hilltop estate, completely walled and gated. It was adorned with a huge satellite dish (an old school dish, the kind that pre-dated Direct TV and Dish). I asked our translator who the lavish villa owner was, surely a plantation owner or corporate big wig.

“Huh, that house up there? That’s the house of a retired U.S. Navy Chief.”

“What?” The mansion and estate was owned by a retired E-7, the same pay-grade as a Marine Corps Gunny? Full retirement pay for a Gunny, at that time, was about $2000 a month. What is NOT that big in the U.S. ($24,000 annual income), was HUGE in Honduras. That Chief figured it out, and he’s not the first; I ran into several hundred of those guys in the Philippines.

On the other side of the coin, during the time I was personally protecting one of the richest families in the world, I was assigned to the wife during a shopping trip to Manhattan. Prada, Bottega, Louis Vuitton, were just a few stops on the tour of seemingly endless luxury boutiques. Places where the retail clerk wears white cotton gloves to handle the merchandise from the display case, or off the shelf.

After hours of careful study, my protectee had decided on a handbag, it was ostrich skin. Oh, the price? $30,000.00 (yeah, you read that right, 30 GRAND). The wife looked at me during checkout and said, “You know Andrew, that’s somebody’s mortgage payment.” (And in the circle she travels in, it most likely was – in my circle, more like the price of a car.) For her, it wasn’t even like two hundred dollars. It’s all relative – the business empire, built by her husband, produces over a thousand dollars each and every second, of each and every day, and doesn’t take any days off.   (How he built that from literally nothing is a case study in itself.)

Does that shock you? Bother you? Did you find yourself saying, “I would never spend that much on a handbag!”?

Did the Navy Chief’s story shock you? Bother you? (The local Hondurans were thinking about the chief’s house, the same way you were just thinking about the handbag.)

Most of the entire planet lives on less than two dollars a day, they would most likely be shocked and bothered by your purchases and life style as well. As Haymitch, from the Hunger Games would say, “It’s all relative, sweetheart.”

I choose to aspire to being able to buy my wife such a purse, instead of decrying the extravagance of it. Just as my two cars and my 3000 sq. ft. house, with two flat screen TVs and indoor plumbing is extravagance to most of the population of Earth.

The next time someone (or you) use language like, “This is a really difficult problem,” or that something is “Expensive,” – try asking (out loud) “Compared to what?”

Boo yah!

Facts Ain’t Always The Truth

Facts and Truth are two completely different entities.


Facts and Truth are two completely different entities. Facts are something that have actual existence. A fact is merely information, neutral, independent and objective. As a cop, investigating a crime, I was always in search of the facts. If, and when, a case went to court, witnesses would swear an oath to tell the truth. We know, for a fact, that eye witnesses are unreliable at best. Why? Because, people deal in truths, not in facts. The truth is our internal perception of the facts and circumstances that make up the experiences of life.

For example, the fact is, it is 68 degrees outside. The truth is, that after 3 years of living in Hawaii, 68 degrees was downright cold. However, it is also truth, after spending a winter in Serbia and Kosovo, 40 degrees felt balmy, and 68 degrees is heat stroke territory.

Facts cannot change, they are unalterable. Truth, on the other hand, is pliable. Knowing this, we can take the facts of any circumstance and perceive them from any angle we want, creating for ourselves, a truth or truths. (Heads up, you are already doing this and have been your entire life, usually to your detriment.) Truths are what beliefs are founded on, we take action on our truths. Almost everyone knows the medical facts that fast food isn’t good for you, but for most of us, the truth is that “it’s okay.” (Based on the fact that the fast food industry does billions of dollars in sales each and every year, and the fact that 1 out of 10 deaths are related to obesity. It’s killing us, but we’re bellied up to the fry-daddy feeding trough.)

I’m reminded of the story of the 300 Spartan Warriors of the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. The Persians were attacking Greece during a Spartan holiday and it was against Spartan law to go to war during the holiday. To work around the law, the Spartan king, Leonidas, selected 300 members to serve as his bodyguard and accompany him on a “stroll” to the battlefield.

Legend has it that he selected only warriors that had living sons to carry on their family’s bloodline, because the mission was a one-way ticket. The King, in his wisdom, went further and selected the warriors based on their wives’ and mothers’ ability to show courage and leadership under the grief of losing husbands and sons. Leonidas believed that if the wives and mothers were bitter and depressed, it would spread like a disease, cascading into the defeat of all free Greeks.

In essence, the warriors were chosen based on their wives’ and mothers’ abilities to take the facts of war, gore and the death of their dearest loved ones, and apply the higher truths of freedom, liberty and patriotism for the good of the nation.
We must collect as many unbiased, objective, and evidence-based facts as possible, in order to make logical, well-reasoned and clear decisions. We must also perceive the facts in way that elevates us and puts us on the path to success and fulfillment, in even the face of the deepest sorrows.

What truths are you using as “facts” in your decision making? (This is not good)
What truths are you manufacturing that puts you on the path of fear, depression or defeat? (Also, not good)
Can you create new truths by changing your attitude, perception and level of awareness that will put on a path to confidence, fulfillment and happiness? (Yes, you can and this is good)

Remember, Danger is a Fact – Fear is a manufactured Truth… but so is Love.

Boo Yah!

How Do You Respond?

Pop Quiz: What would you say in response to emotionally challenging information?  What if it was devastating information? How do you respond to change? What if it is life-altering change forced upon you?


First Response

I don’t like to think about these things, but I’ve found over the years, that if I have thought about my response to the unexpected, it helps….a lot.  I’ve also found that my initial response sets the course of how everything goes after any surprising news hits.

Several years ago, I had a coaching client that was diagnosed with the advanced stages of an insidious disease.  The client was told that he a certain amount of time to live, and to get his business in order.  This is an extreme example, and one I hope none of us will have to face.  I had given this client the Pop Quiz long before this incident occurred and he was prepared.  He responded by being grateful for knowing the problem and what he was up against, but decided he would rather live than die.  His initial response was to NOT roll over and blindly accept what he was told about the amount of time he had left on planet Earth.

His fighting spirit set the course for his aggressive treatment plan, and his attitude toward his family, friends, and his business/career.   If he hadn’t prepared his initial response, the news might have taken him out before he even started to fight.  Any professional will tell you that the “will to live” plays an enormous role in the outcome of a fight for one’s life.

Take the Pop Quiz and decide now to have an initial response that spurs you on to victory.  I hope we never have to deal with anything even close to this example, but no matter the case, commit to yourself to win any (and all) challenges life throws at you.  Big, small, huge, or tiny; decide to win, no highway option.


Boo Yah!

Do You Allow Others To Manipulate You With Guilt? Peak Performers Don’t

We are looking at the 6 conditions of the conscience, your co-perceiver (Ancient Olympian’s 6th Sense), and today we start off with a PURE conscience.


Pure Conscience Peak Performance

“PURE” in this case means clean, clear; to prune so as to bear fruit; purified by fire; sincere, genuine, free from every admixture of what is false, free from guilt.


Wow! That would take an entire book to break down each of those.  We won’t do that today, let’s just look at two combined.  If we just prune away guilt our performance levels will rise significantly.  The benefit of listening to the REAL YOU, your Ancient Olympic 6th Sense, the voice of the Peak Performer inside of you, is that you are NOT moved by guilt.


People love to use guilt, they don’t even realize they are doing it.  They got it honestly.  Mom’s love to use guilt.  Ever go home during a family gathering and eat the cakes, pies, and cookies your Mom fixed for you, not because you wanted it but because she gave you the “but I made it just for you.”  “It’s your favorite.” “You’re too skinny.” “You don’t like my cooking anymore?” “Nothing I do is good enough for you.” etc, etc, so on and so forth?  And so, we can’t stand the guilt, especially Mom guilt, and blow our diet.


Most of those who I coach are driven much more by guilt than they think. I’m not saying to go around making folks mad just for kicks, but if somebody uses the pressure of them being upset at you if you don’t do what they want…..that’s a NO, if you ever want to be a Peak Performer.  I don’t cave to peer pressure, Mom pressure, spouse pressure, guilt trips from my boss, my religious leaders, my teachers, my coaches.  If your relationship with someone is harmed because you stop caving to their pressure, you might want to re-evaluate that relationship.


Remember “prune so as to bear fruit”? To reach Peak Performance, we have to be mentally tough enough to trim away the pressures of guilt and begin to respond to the Olympian inside, not the manipulators outside.  If you are letting yourself by moved to action based on a guilt trip you are giving up your position as the Administrator of your life.  Sign up for the newsletter .

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