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What is the Outcome You Really Want?

Are YOU willing to the pay the price to get it?


Andrew, Qualk & Dutch, (WCCP The ROAR, 105.5 FM) discuss the process of how and why major decisions are made, like why 49ers linebacker Chris Borland would walk away from millions of dollars and a promising career after only one season.


Going into any situation, ALWAYS ask yourself, “What is the outcome I really want?”  After you give yourself an answer, follow up with, “Am I willing to make the sacrifices to get it?”

I don’t know Chris Borland, but I admire his clarity and mental toughness to walk through the honest assessment process and then make a clear cut decision.  ALL of us have the same option to make a choice, to go for the outcome we really want, once we have made the decision to pay the price to get it.

This honest assessment strategy is a handy tool to use in any context, whether it be dealing with relationships, career moves, fitness and nutrition, or buying a house or car.  Before entering the decision making arena, always know before hand what outcome you REALLY want.  Then calculate the price in physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial terms. Are you willing to pay that cost to get the outcome? If yes, then go for it. If not, then be prepared to settle for less.


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When we look at winners, in any field – business, career, sports, family, finances, fitness, etc., we tend to see only the good.  It’s human nature to fail to see the bad, and the ugly, it took to get there.  Humans don’t want to look at that part, mostly because we want to be successful and enjoy fulfillment without going through the bad and ugly.

blood sweat and tears

 It easier to attribute more talent, more resources, more opportunities, and more luck to the winners in life, than it is to face the cold hard truth that becoming a winner can be a frighteningly tense and laborious grind.  Most of us would rather delude ourselves and credit fortune, luck and fate, than pay the price of bad and ugly to become a winner.

In the summer, we look at fit people at the pool and beach and claim “genetics”.  Studies show genetics to be 10% of the equation, the rest is blood, sweat and tears.  I work out alone, as much as possible – the reason? I’m U-G-L-Y! Look away….until I’m beach ready. Hah!

People who know me and my family, look at our relationships with each other and call us lucky.  We are blessed, no doubt.  But having a super-fantastic marriage after 25 years, and teenage kids that want to be around their parents, has taken a lot blood, sweat and tears, behind the scenes.

My wife’s axiom to our kids is, “You, fix you. Stop worrying about everybody else.”  My wife and I have applied that to ourselves, as well.  We each focus on fixing our own faults, instead of trying to fix our spouse’s faults.  Over the years, there have been some bad times, and some ugly times, but we committed to each other that we would have a successful and fulfilled marriage and family, no matter what.

That’s the gist of winning in any area of life, commit to becoming successful and fulfilled – no matter what.  To enjoy the GOOD, you will have to push through the bad and ugly.

Boo yah!

Will You Pay Now or Later?

“Everything in life has a price connected to it.  There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, and a price to pay just for leaving things as they are.”

Harry Browne

 price of success


As an instructor of close quarters combat, (or “room entry tactics”, as they call it nowadays), I teach students this principal, “You have to give up something, to get something.”  It is usually in the context of exchanging one angle of fire for another, or one slab of cover for another, but it’s true in every area of life.  We all have to give up something, in exchange for something else. Oh, and you’ll also have to give up something, in order to keep what you’ve currently have.


Make no mistake, we all pay a price in life.  The only question is will you pay now for success (whether in health, finances, career or relationships), or will pay later for regrets?  I choose, (I know this will shock you), to pay now for success, in every area of life.  I’ve already made some regrets payments, they suck! I’m just now getting old enough to regret not paying for success earlier on in life.  Yeah, I’m not doing that anymore.


What’s the cost of success in health? Discipline in diet and exercise, plain and simple.

What’s the cost of success in finances? Discipline in spending, investing, and managing risk.

What’s the cost of success in career/business? Discipline in striving for excellence and peak performance.

What’s the cost of success in relationships? Discipline to put the other persons needs ahead of your wants.


Not a fan of discipline? Always looking for the lowest price?  Well, the other option is, you can put it on autopilot and POOF!! Twenty years from now you can enjoy being overweight, broke, alone, and unaccomplished. AWESOME!!

Boo yah!