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Communication – Maximize the Message

The Art of Communication… and the Science behind the Art

Andrew discuss the art and science behind effective communication and how you can maximize your message, on his weekly radio show, Get Warrior Tough, heard weekly on WCCP FM 105.5 The Roar.  Radio Studio Shot

7% of our message in the WORDS and LANGUAGE we use

38% of our message is the TONE of our VOICE

55% of our message is communicated VISUALLY – facial expressions, body language & posture, the clothes and colors you wear, and your appearance, charisma and presence.


The words we speak are the least important part of our message, yet most of us focus on that part first and the most.  Take complete control of yourself first, (CEO of You, Inc. – control of your body, mind and emotions) then drill down.

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80% of Performance Isn’t Trained For By Most

My business partner, Steve Siebold, is one of the world’s leading Mental Toughness Coaches. In the past two decades, during the course of his work with Fortune 500 sales teams, he has surveyed the top executives of those companies. The surveys have shown that top executives believe that “performance” breaks down as follows:

10% comes from Skills
10% comes from Knowledge
80% comes from Attitude

Even if you believe this break down isn’t exactly right, the top executives at the top companies believe it. That leads us to ask this question, “How are we training our attitude?” If we spend any time at all on training, it is usually training to increase knowledge or skills. How many of us actually train to have a world-class attitude? If the top business executives in the world are right, that means that most of us are doing little to nothing to train the biggest piece of the Performance puzzle.


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What Are Your 3 Most Valued Sources?

We’ve been exploring the idea of your spirit (the REAL YOU, the user/administrator) dominating your body (flesh) and your soul (mind and emotions). (See the blog post: DeFrag Yourself: The 3 Parts of You).

Value System of Thought Sources Peak Performance


In order for the REAL YOU, your spirit, to control and dominate your hardware (body) and your software (mind), you need to be able to open up, recognize, and distinguish when your spirit is talking to the rest of you, and when it’s your body or mind that is talking.


With all the voices in the world vying for our attention, and we now know these voices are “heard” as thoughts, we must begin to identify the sources of each of our thoughts.  Once a voice’s source is identified, we must now assign a value system to the various sources of these voices.


Let’s break it down.  How much value do you place on the voice of the crazy car dealership ads? “Come on down to Crazy Eddie’s Car Emporium, where our PRICES are INSANE!”  Probably not that much.  What about CNN or MSNBC or Fox News?  We usually pick a news source based on the value we place on that network’s voice.  (I pick NONE of the ABOVE because I guard my receiver (mind) and the voice of the media is usually things straight off of the RED FLAG LIST of thoughts/voices.)


Here’s today’s action step, take inventory of the 3 voices you hear most, and then place a value on each source. HINT: Dump the voices that are NOT helping you and replace them with new sources that spur you onto Peak Performance!




1. Talk Radio– voice of complaints and problems- value = 0


2. TV News – murders, wars, and natural disasters – value =1


3. Andrew’s Blog/NewsletterPeak Performance through Mental Toughness, success in life, happiness, GREEN FLAG LIST value = 100 + infinity times 10


Okay, I know, a little self-serving and over the top but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true! Hah!


If you aren’t writing out your inventory of voices and putting a value system on them, you are leaving a giant vacuum and allowing other source’s voices to become the user/administrator of your hardware (body) and software (soul -mind, will and emotions).

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Problem Solving Formula: 3 Simple Steps

As a consultant/coach, clients hire me to help them solve the problems they are having a difficult time solving on their own.  I follow this 3 step formula every single time, without fail.  It might be old school, it might seem simple, but it works and produces results.  Buckle Up!!


3 step problem solving formula

1. Awareness/Understanding:  The first thing I do is sit down with a client and take an honest assessment of the problem.  They may have several problems, so I like to start with the biggest or most pressing, (then apply the formula to any problems left over, one by one).  I spend the most time of the 3 steps on this first one.  The client must first be aware they have a problem and then understand it.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Many times clients confuse the symptom with the root cause.  An example would be one of my weight loss clients.  They often think being overweight is the problem.  It ISN’T! That is the symptom, the true cause of the problem is that more calories have been going into the body than are being expended.  (Same goes for sales reps not reaching their quota or home-based business owners who aren’t growing their organization, these things are symptoms, look for the root cause.)


2. Exploration of Solutions:  Once we truly understand the problem, it’s time to explore the vast array of solutions out there.  I help clients explore every solution option we can find. We even look at solutions that have been tried before and drill down as to why it didn’t work.  Back to the weight loss client example, some people have tried various types of diets that didn’t work.  Maybe No-Carb didn’t work.  The vast majority of the time, this works for the short term and then…..Boom! The client didn’t know that the body must have carbs to function properly in the long term.  So we may explore a more balanced approach.  Maybe look at adding in an exercise program or a combination of several things.  Take your time here, not every solution will work for every person.  Life ain’t a cookie cutter.


3. Execution:  Choose a solution that works best for you (that you can stick with), and then execute it…..that is, “DO IT”! That’s why you have to spend time choosing the right solution, the one you can do, the one you can live with day in and day out, until the problem is solved.


The technical terms for this problem solving process are Cognition, Divergence, and Convergence, but I’m not that high speed, Understand, Explore, and Execute, is easier for me to grab onto.


If you aren’t applying this formula to your problems you’re flying blind and just floating through life like the feather on Forrest Gump.  Sign up for the newsletter and as always, I’m here to help you. If you are stuck, give me a holler and I’ll roll up my sleeves with you and together we’ll figure it out, or at least find someone who can!


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Mind/Mouth Connection


We’ve been exploring the thought process of Peak Performers by categorizing thoughts into a Positive (Green Flag) List and a Negative (Red Flag) List.  We know that we must replace Red Flag thoughts with thoughts that are Green Flag, but that is easier said than done.  Literally! No, seriously, it is easier to direct your thoughts by “saying” or using your mouth to control and guide your thoughts.


Let me illustrate with an experiment.  Begin counting backwards in your head, starting at 999.  Ready, set, go……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



Chattering teethWhen you spoke your name, what happened to your backward counting? What number did you stop on?  The point is you had to stop the train of thought of counting backwards when you spoke out loud.

There is a mind/mouth connection wired into all human beings.  If you know about this connection, you can then begin to use it to your advantage.  If you physically force yourself to speak, to say out loud, thoughts based on the Green Flag List, you can control and guide your thoughts in the same way that Peak Performers do.  Concentrate all of your conversations on the Green Flags.  Whenever a RED FLAG thought pops up, make an effort to speak out loud something on the GREEN FLAG List.  Here it is again:


BEAUTIFUL – attractive, exquisite, fair, handsome, lovely, pretty

BOUNTIFUL – abundance, ample, plentiful, substantial

BETTER – bigger, faster, stronger

CHEERFUL/GLAD – light-hearted, willing

AT EASE – relaxed, unworried, unembarrassed

WELL FAVORED – to be treated with partiality, even when it’s unfair to others

HAPPY WELFARE – health and prosperity

LOVING – expressing goodwill and affection

KIND/USEFUL- helpful

PLEASING/PLEASURE- delighted, satisfied

SWEET – rich, productive, possesses winning qualities

READY- available for immediate use

PROSPERITY/WEALTH – success, great abundance, riches far greater than riches

PRECIOUS/HIGH VALUE – highly priced, of great worth, excellence

FINEST/BEST – excellent, elegant, refined, pure, (like gold and silver)


It takes awareness and energy but Peak Performance through Mental Toughness is work.  Green Flagging pays a huge return on your investment though, so Cowboy Up and Stick With It!! It’s not Positive Thinking, it is speaking out loud the thoughts that eradicate limiting beliefs.  This is the first step, it is foundational, but it must be mastered before going on to Peak Performance.


Go forth and speak RED FLAGS NO MORE!!


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Don’t Waste a Good Strikeout

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

 Babe Ruth



I don’t about you, but this definitely makes me feel better.  I’ve feel like I’ve been swinging and missing quite a lot.  I am learning with every pitch though.  The speed of the ball.  The break of the ball.  The look of it when it leaves the pitcher’s hand.  My timing.  My swing.  My follow through.

No, I’m not really talking about baseball, I’m talking about my speaking/training/consulting business, specifically the sales process.  There are days when I feel like I’m striking out, over and over again.  Babe Ruth’s lifetime batting average was .342.  Translation, he only produced a hit about 1/3 of the time he went to the plate.  He struck out 1,330 times and hit 714 homeruns.  WOW! Dude was a savant, and he struck out almost twice as many times as he hit homeruns.  Looking at these numbers, and Babe’s huge success, it takes some of the pressure off to hit it out of the park every time.

I don’t like striking out, but as long as I learn something each time I get up to the plate, it’s a win.  If I’m just up there hacking away, don’t analyze what I’m doing, and don’t make adjustments, it’s a waste of time and a loss.  Because I’m a rookie at the selling/marketing side of the business, I have grabbed hold some great coaches to help me get better.

Whatever your field or endeavor, remember that every strike brings you closer to the next home run, as long as you learn something from it.  Don’t waste a good strike out, use it to your advantage.  I know I am!

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Cowboy Up!

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”

 John Wayne

cowboy up



This past year, I came to the realization, that if I wanted my speaking/training/consulting business to really do well, I would have to “Cowboy Up”, and start marketing (and yes, “selling” – YIKES!!), myself. My self-talk was always, “I’m not good at selling”, and “I’m not a sales guy, I’m more operations”, and on and on.  I finally had to sit down and honestly assess why I was shying away from “selling” and “sales”.  It boiled down to this, I didn’t want people to think “badly” of me.  I was afraid of what people would think of me, afraid of the “NO”.

Then I began to think about being “afraid”.  Afraid of what?  Most of my adult life has been spent making my living slinging a gun and getting shot at.  If I wasn’t afraid to be shot at for a pay check, how in the world did it make sense to be afraid of the “NO”, in the world of selling?  Let’s be clear, I have never, not one time, enjoyed being shot at, but I used to think, “I would rather get shot at than go on a sales call.”

That thinking has held me back for my entire life.  Somewhere along the line, I adopted a belief that caused my financial welfare to be dictated by what I thought other people thought.  RIDICULOUS, you say? Exactly.  I changed my self-talk to saying things like, “I love this sales stuff,” and “Sales skills are going to make me millions”.

Then I went to work learning sales skills.  I found out, sales isn’t a mystery, it’s a series of skills, just like marksmanship, or close quarters combat, or hand to hand/defensive tactics.  Once I learned the skills, and the order in which to do them, BOOM! Now, I really do love this sales stuff!! It not only is helping me grow the business, I’m helping a heck of lot of people along the way.  And oddly enough, I have never really cared what people thought of me, so how was that belief even in my inventory?

Don’t be afraid of marketing and selling, “COWBOY UP!!”  (If someone thinks less of you, whatever….I guarantee their rejection hurts less than a bullet.)

Boo Yah!!


The 7 Thoughts Never THUNK By A Thought Leader

WHOOPS!! Creative Marketing Genius Barry Feldman has DONE IT AGAIN!! I absolutely love this article about Thought Leaders, and the things Barry lays out that a true “Thought Leader” doesn’t think about herself/himself. Warning: Barry serves it up hot and I’m all about his “hit-it-head-on” style! (Shocker, I know.)

Boo Yah!!Thought Leaders Don't Think