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There Is an “I” in WIN

“When you get everyone going in the same direction as a football team, that’s when you’re dangerous. That’s when everyone believes in one another and everyone’s cheering for one another and everyone’s depending on one another and everyone’s coming through for one another and then you get your chance — boom — you take advantage, and that’s some of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of.”

Tom Brady – 3-time Super Bowl Champion

 I in WIN

I’m a huge fan of Tom Brady and the Patriots. I’m a huge fan of their coach. I’m a huge fan of champions in general and their coaches.  I study them like a scientist.  What is it that they do? How do they do it? And when do they do it?

One of the greatest things I love about Tom Brady is the fact that he was a sixth-round draft pick (#199 to be picked.) Have you ever been the last kid picked for kick-ball?  I have been, many times over.  The thing is, I was always picked around #16, never #199. Can you imagine standing there while 198 other people get picked?  Tom Brady knows what that‘s like.

From that humble start, he has become one of the winningest quarterbacks in NFL history.  Funny thing is that he has never won one single game of football by himself….EVER! Go back to the top and re-read his quote.

Whatever team you are part of, be it your family unit, business, sports club, charity, church, civic association or lodge, when everyone gets going in the same direction, and everyone is cheering for one another, believing in one another – BOOM! Fostering a culture and atmosphere like that takes enormous energy, focus, and selflessness.  When nobody is a Super-Star and above the rest, everyone on the team will become Champions.

Are you cheering for that person on your team you see as your rival? Can the team depend on you? Are you pulling in the same direction as the team or is it all about you?

Remember, there is an “I” in the word WIN,  and you have to take responsibility for yourself to be part of the team.

Boo yah!

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