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A Week of Excellence: DAY 1

This week, let’s strive for excellence.  This is too big an undertaking to concentrate on being excellent in  every area of our lives, so let’s pick one area each day this week.

Excellence Day 1

Today we will define excellence and set out the action plan for the rest of the week.

First, here are some of my favorite quotes about excellence:


“Always do more than is required of you.”  George S. Patton

 “Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do.”  Ortega Y Gasset

 “Put the uncommon effort into the common task….make it excellent by doing it in a great way.”  Orsion Swett Marden

“There’s a better way to do it….find it.” Thomas A. Edison


There are hundreds more of these sayings floating around out there, passed down through the ages.  I committed a long time ago to a life-rule to give my best effort to anything to passes through my hands.  I want EXCELLENCE to be my trademark and my “personal brand”.  I require of myself to give my very best into whatever I attempt to do.  Does that mean I’m always successful? Absolutely NOT! I fail many times, or more accurately, I learn what NOT TO DO or what doesn’t work.  The main thing, though, is to always give maximum effort to any endeavor. If I can’t, I don’t attempt it.  No half-stepping!!


Each day this week let’s focus on Excellence in the areas of Business/Career; Relationships; Physical Health; Mental Health (our THINKING).  If we concentrate on improving in these areas we will find that PEAK PERFORMANCE is a by-product.


Boo Yah!!

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