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Are You Offended By This?

Why are you offended by what someone says?

Cam Newton

Andrew discusses the ins and outs of getting offended by what others say with Qualk, on Out of Bounds – WCCP 105.5FM The ROAR.


Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Separate the FACTS from the TRUTH the same way it’s done in a court room
  2. Allow everyone else to have their TRUTH, the same way you want others to allow you to have yours
  3. OWN your TRUTH
  4. Move TRUTHS into the FACT column
  5. Understand how the human machine works – BIO/PSYCHO/SOCIAL

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  1. Wait!
    You can ‘own your own truth’ but that does NOT make it a fact. Which is the number 1 cause of social and relationship unrest.
    I can own my own truth that the sky is green. That does not make it a fact. I can own my own truth that I feel I deserve and am worth $50,000 for my burger flipping job. That does not make it a fact. I can own my own truth that I’m the best soccer player there is on the weekend team(s) but that does not make it a truth especially if I’m on a team that is constantly losing. No sir. You have this philosophy wrong. You can think of yourself one way but when it meets up with fact: the sky is blue, the wage for burger flippers is $12/hour or $24k a year, and the team keeps losing at soccer b/c despite what the person feels is their ‘truth’ they don’t have the aptitude for the sport and should quit but a lawsuit if another sport is even mentioned so the whole team suffers for one person’s ‘truth’ vs. fact. People need to realize its not all about them. They’re 1 in 1.6 billion. Nothing special. And “Facts” better not have been bought and politicized or that’s a whole different animal for debate.

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