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Communication – Maximize the Message

The Art of Communication… and the Science behind the Art

Andrew discuss the art and science behind effective communication and how you can maximize your message, on his weekly radio show, Get Warrior Tough, heard weekly on WCCP FM 105.5 The Roar.  Radio Studio Shot

7% of our message in the WORDS and LANGUAGE we use

38% of our message is the TONE of our VOICE

55% of our message is communicated VISUALLY – facial expressions, body language & posture, the clothes and colors you wear, and your appearance, charisma and presence.


The words we speak are the least important part of our message, yet most of us focus on that part first and the most.  Take complete control of yourself first, (CEO of You, Inc. – control of your body, mind and emotions) then drill down.

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Do You HATE Cheaters? Or Love ‘Em?

Don’t you just HATE Cheating and Cheaters?


Before you answer that out loud, listen to Qualk, Dutch, and Andrew on Out of Bounds (WCCP 105.5 FM).


Also, let’s ask ourselves these questions:

Have I ever driven my car faster than the posted speed limit? (Even if it wasn’t knowingly or intentional)

Do I ALWAYS come to a complete stop at every STOP sign?

Have I ever “fudged” my height or weight at the DMV? (A legal government issued document)

Am I 100% compliant with the tax code? (Do I know the entire tax code? and if not, can I say I am 100% compliant for sure?)

For all the folks calling for people to be suspended, banned, or disqualified and are talking about game “integrity”, how about we reflect a minute or two before saddling up on that Clydesdale.

I was in Amman, Jordan the day Bin Laden was killed and I heard the exact (and I mean EXACT) same things being said on Al Jazeera about the United States:

Americans cheated, they used torture, they stole documents, they listened in on phone calls, they violated treaties, those cheating Navy SEALS invaded Pakistani sovereign territory, they broke into a house and killed an unarmed man. YOU CHEATERS!

For the record, I LOVE cheaters! And if on any level, you enjoy your life, your liberties and your ability to pursue whatever happiness means to you, then you love them too. So just maybe we can put that high horse back in the barn…

Desensitize Yourself:

Trepidation To Trite 

Desensitize yourself

Back in the late 1990’s, I drove through the gates of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, in Glynco, GA. I was met by the security force (FLETsee 5-0, as we called them), and the horrid and putrid sulfuric smell of the nearby paper mill. WOW! The odor was like fermented rotten eggs on steroids with Brussel Sprouts on top (insert gagging here)! I’m not sure how long it took, but by the time I was bedding down that first night, I didn’t notice the smell any longer. Wind shift perhaps? No, desensitization. My brain had shut down sending the out the “foul odor signals” and allowed me to function normally, without the gagging and choking back down the rising bile and vomit it caused.

The same thing happens when eating that yummy special meal of your “favorite” food. Once you eat it so much that it no longer becomes special, it doesn’t taste that great. In fact, if that’s all you had to eat, every meal of every day, it wouldn’t be your favorite before long, and wouldn’t even taste good. It would become trite, banal, boring and downright blah.

Alcohol is the same. That initial drink that puts a teetotaler on his or her butt, with head spinning, has no impact on the seasoned-drinker that can hold his or her liquor. We humans quickly build up a tolerance for things, or put another way, are easily desensitized. When Elvis first hit the scene with gyrating hips, it was shocking. Looking back now, after almost 60 years of desensitization, his movies are deemed mild enough for preschoolers.

What if we deployed this phenomenon to our advantage? The Warrior Culture has been doing it for eons. First, we must take an honest assessment of what causes us fear, trepidation and anxiety. Once recognized, go and do the very thing(s) that you fear. Very quickly your trepidation will become trite, just like that favorite meal eaten over and over again. Panic becomes pedestrian.
During a family trip to the beach, I had my 16 year-old son drive the majority of the time. He was a new and inexperienced driver at the time. He had fear and trepidation about driving on I-95 for several hours, in the midst of beach traffic, thunderstorms and high-speed lane changes. After about an hour, he went from butterflies to banal. And after two more hours, from banal to bored, with the long, dull stretches of straightaways at same steady speed, mile after mile. We can do the same, and should.

I used to be terrified of any kind of “selling”. How ridiculous! I’ve made my living being shot at by bad guys the world over, and yet, terrified of someone telling me “No” in a sales environment. Well, businesses don’t build themselves, and if I wanted mine to succeed, selling was a must. I took on a project that had me making 50 cold calls each week. Guess what? By the second week, desensitization worked its magic. After 6 months, I stopped the project, having gained what I needed, trepidation turned to trite. I don’t fear sales calls, sales call fear me. I don’t fear taking calculated risks, calculated risks fear me.

Identify your trepidation. GO and DO it until it becomes trite. Desensitize Yourself.

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80% of Performance Isn’t Trained For By Most

My business partner, Steve Siebold, is one of the world’s leading Mental Toughness Coaches. In the past two decades, during the course of his work with Fortune 500 sales teams, he has surveyed the top executives of those companies. The surveys have shown that top executives believe that “performance” breaks down as follows:

10% comes from Skills
10% comes from Knowledge
80% comes from Attitude

Even if you believe this break down isn’t exactly right, the top executives at the top companies believe it. That leads us to ask this question, “How are we training our attitude?” If we spend any time at all on training, it is usually training to increase knowledge or skills. How many of us actually train to have a world-class attitude? If the top business executives in the world are right, that means that most of us are doing little to nothing to train the biggest piece of the Performance puzzle.


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The Best Investment

“Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.”

Marshall Field

best investment

We’ve all been in a position, whether at work, on the field of play, or at a social event where we witnessed someone on the receiving end of ill-will, coldness, antipathy or even open hostility. (Especially when things don’t go the way that person wants.) Or how about when someone was constantly taking inventory of all of your faults?  Ask yourself this, how did those things make you feel?  Were there any lasting or residual effects?

I know none of us have ever done those things to others (hah!), but maybe you’re related to someone who has (don’t point).  We all know that we should treat others as we want to be treated, but maybe someone likes being berated and therefore berates others.  Not very likely, but ask this question, “Will that person ever reach Peak Performance?”  I don’t know, but I do know that we should shower those around us with LOVE & GOODWILL, whenever possible, for purely selfish reasons.

What!? Yes, that’s right.  No matter how you phrase the law of planting and harvesting, it’s still a law, and it’ll take you out if you are on the wrong side of it.  I’ve heard it said, “You reap what you sow!”; “What comes around, goes around!” and my all-time favorite, “The Karma bus might run slow, but it always makes all the stops!”  However it’s phrased, it’s a law, just as sure as the law of gravity.

Today, whenever you come across someone that drives you nuts, instead of taking inventory of all their faults, take out a piece of paper and start a list of everything good about that person.  Once you’ve written down, “they have nice shoes”, continue the list by writing down the exact opposite of those faults that drive you nuts, and begin to compliment that person on displaying those good things, even if they aren’t…..yet.  As Dale Carnegie used to say, “Give a person a compliment that they have to live up to, and they usually will.”

Love & Goodwill, or simple courtesy & kindness, cost you nothing but pay huge dividends.  There is no better investment out there based on the ROI (return on investment).

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Do You Know?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin


Knowledge means information of the workings of things, especially gained through observation, identification, description, investigation, experience, and explanation. In short, we have to do some work to gain knowledge of our particular field or profession.  By way of a personal example, I was lacking knowledge on marketing and sales.  So I had to do something to gain the know how of the workings of marketing and sales.  I didn’t know what to do, how to do it, or when to do it.  I bought books, read articles and blogs, and I hired a marketing/sales coach. I had to DO (take action on my own) to gain this specific knowledge (NOTE: I hired a coach, not a firm to DO IT for me).  Nobody was beating down my door hand delivering it to me.

In what has become normal past practice for us, let’s check out the flip side of knowledge.  Its opposite includes: ignorance, unawareness, incomprehension, incapacity which results in weakness, helplessness, and being powerless.  Yup! That described me perfectly when it came to marketing and sales.  If, during your honest assessment, you find yourself in this state of being, get to work and start looking for the specific knowledge you need to solve your problem.  (Start with Google, you’ll get more info than you can handle.)  So put the bowl of ice cream down, get off the couch, turn off the game console, and go get some knowledge.  Books, articles, and webinars, are a good start but you will need to find someone in the real world to help you with the experience part of the deal.  Don’t skip over that, it is way more effective to learn with a coach or mentor.

Remember, diligence first, then conviction, followed by courage….but before you run onto the battle field make sure you get KNOWLEDGE!!

I’d love to hear from you with examples/stories from you own journey to the PEAK!


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Are You Treading Water or Swimming For Shore?

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.”

Dory – from Finding Nemo

 keep swimming


My mentor and business partner, Steve Siebold, recently asked me, “Imagine you are in stranded in the ocean, it’s a mile to the shore.  Are you treading water and hoping for a boat to come rescue you, or are you swimming for shore?”

What if it’s two miles to the beach? Three? Sometimes, I feel like it might as well be 10,000 miles, but I know for sure, that waiting for a boat to happen by, is as likely as me winning the Power Ball.  I know that I can’t waste one calorie of energy, or allow one thought to set up shop, that keeps me treading water and waiting for rescue. Even knowing that, there are days when I feel like the shore is soooo far away.

When this happens, my most trusted advisor and counsellor (my wife, Kim), will begin to very softly say, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.”

Here’s the take away: The boat may, or mostly likely NOT, be coming, so head for shore and just keep swimming.  The status quo of your life is merely treading water.  Don’t delude yourself into thinking you are headed to shore, when you have no plan, no written personal vision, no set goal, no direction, no definitive action….you are simply treading water.  Ask yourself, “How long can I tread water before I’m exhausted and am swallowed up by the deep?”

Maybe I will exhaust myself on the swim to shore, but I’d rather drown trying to make it, than flail around for nothing in the same spot, hoping for a rescue that isn’t coming.  If that makes sense to you, but you are afraid to swim alone, or don’t think you can make it to land, come swim with me.  Did I mention I’m a Marine Combat Instructor of Water Survival?

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Stretch For Success



Marla Tabaka, in her Time Business & Money article, gives 6 ways to increase the area of your “Comfort Zone”.

Stretch Yourself

1) Realize you ain’t perfect

2) Quit with the fear already

3) Find a good wingman (woman)

4) Don’t go “all in” on the first hand

5) Take a run with a wild one

6) Become a Daydream Believer

(CLICK HERE to read the entire piece.)

Great tips to think about as we go about our day.  Thanks Marla! (Check some of Marla’s other posts here.)

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