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Are You A One-Hit Wonderer?

“Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”

Andy Grove


I’ve seen so many folks realize some success, start to enjoy the comforts of it, become complacent and begin a downward spiral.  I’ve seen it with people in their corporate careers, with entrepreneurs, with special operations warriors, athletes, politicians, coaches, actors, singers, ministers, and the list goes on.  It makes me very sad to see this phenomenon, especially when it happens to a past mentor, coach, or someone I held as a model for my own success.  They rest on their past success, get fat and happy, and it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves at the bottom end of things.  There are many examples of declining performers succumbing to the stupor induced by drugs, alcohol, excessive junk food, or just resting on laurels in general.

I hate to see it happen to others, but I would hate it even more if it happened to me.  Paranoid might be a good word for it, or as Captain Jack Sparrow would say, “I like to keep a weather eye open.”  I’m vigilant times ten about becoming complacent.  Complacent means to be content, self-satisfied, pleased with yourself, and showing satisfaction with things as they are.  This shouldn’t be confused with confidence which is the self-assurance that come as a result of success.

There is a fine line between confidence and complacency, between self-assured and self-satisfied.  I walk that line like I’m on a high wire over Niagara Falls without a safety harness.  I know that the great performers are never content with yesterday’s results.  What if Thomas Edison was satisfied with the phonograph? No light-bulb.  What if he was content with his life’s work after the light-bulb? No motion pictures.  Most people I know would have been more than OK with just one of those things, sold the patent to the guys on the Shark Tank, and retired to the islands. (NOTE: The Shark Tankers aren’t content nor satisfied, and neither should we be.)

Be ever aware that success breeds complacency, and the downward spiral which leads to becoming a one-hit wonder or an invitation to appear on Celebrity Fit Club, (or to do a construction show with the Amish).

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Inconsistently Consistent?

“To be a consistent winner means preparing not just one day, one month or even one year – but for a lifetime.”

Bill Rodgers – Marathon Man


One of the saddest things to witness as a coach, is seeing a client do totally awesome for several months, lose body fat, gain lean muscle, look great, see their countenance change for the better, and then stop doing all the things that produced their success.  Sometimes they try to “get back on the wagon” of good habits, actions and behaviors, only to stop again after a few weeks.  Then on again and off again, with downward spiraling results and eventually finding themselves in worse shape than the beginning.

The on again/off again inconsistency in performance is one of the biggest killers of success I’ve ever come across.  Doing well for a few weeks, then coasting….then feel bad enough to start doing again for a few weeks, then backsliding some more.  Over and over, the only thing consistent is their inconsistency.

Yes, routine is boring sometimes. When I feel bored being consistent, I remind myself of the time I was flying in a corporate jet with an ex-fighter jerk, I mean jock, as the pilot.  He decided he was bored with consistent flight, and started doing some “Goose and Maverick” crap.  The boss wasn’t in the bird, we were dead-heading back home, only an aide, me, and Mr. Ex-fighter (and soon to be ex-corporate aviation) jock.  Fuel was burnt, stuff was launched across the cabin, coffee spilled, suit jackets stained,  and oxygen masks dropped…. but hey, he wasn’t bored.  Nor was he consistent.  I like consistency, a lot.  And so do you….

Can you imagine an inconsistent commercial pilot? There’s a news story for you. What about an inconsistent surgeon? Any volunteers to be his or her next surgery patient? Most of us get torn out of the frame if the garbage pickup isn’t consistent, or the mail runs late, or the cell signal goes in and out.  How about inconsistent cable or satellite TV during a big game, or the series finale “Breaking Bad“?  Power outage at the Super Bowl? At your house?

We don’t tolerate anything less than consistent performance from our entertainment service providers, not to mention our favorite franchise quarterback, who is prone to throwing the 4th Quarter interception,  but we’re usually okay with inconsistency in our own performances. Man DOWN!! What’s the number to 911 again? (What if the 911 Operators weren’t consistent? Just asking...)

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80% of Performance Isn’t Trained For By Most

My business partner, Steve Siebold, is one of the world’s leading Mental Toughness Coaches. In the past two decades, during the course of his work with Fortune 500 sales teams, he has surveyed the top executives of those companies. The surveys have shown that top executives believe that “performance” breaks down as follows:

10% comes from Skills
10% comes from Knowledge
80% comes from Attitude

Even if you believe this break down isn’t exactly right, the top executives at the top companies believe it. That leads us to ask this question, “How are we training our attitude?” If we spend any time at all on training, it is usually training to increase knowledge or skills. How many of us actually train to have a world-class attitude? If the top business executives in the world are right, that means that most of us are doing little to nothing to train the biggest piece of the Performance puzzle.


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14 Secrets of Peak Performance

These secrets are right out of the Marine Corps manual.  If you want to achieve Peak Performance, start here.  The Corps has produced some of the best Mental Toughness coaches in the history of the world.  (And these coaches demand Peak Performance! I can still hear my Drill Instructor’s voice in my head, even after 29 years. Hah!) 


1. Justice: being fair and consistent.


Secrets of Peak Performance

2. Judgment: thinking about things clearly and the filter to make sound decisions.


3. Dependability: the ability to be relied upon.


4. Initiative: taking action and getting things done.


5. Decisiveness: the ability to make good decisions and quickly.


6. Integrity: being honest and truthful, even when no one is looking.


7. Enthusiasm: a sincere effort with genuine energy.


8. Bearing: carrying yourself confidently.


9. Unselfishness: putting others’ needs above your own.


10. Courage:  stand up for what is right and accept responsibility for your choices.


11. Knowledge: understanding the business at hand and understanding people.


12. Loyalty: being devoted to your team, your organization and your mutual goals.


13. Endurance: the stamina to overcome adversity and show this by example to others.


14. Tact: dealing with people in a way that fosters good relations.


We can’t work on all of these at once.  Go through the list one by one, each day working on a new one.  In two weeks, start the process over again and you’ll soon find your level of performance rising.


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6 Conditions of a Peak Performer

The 6 Conditions of a Peak Performer, actually the voice of the REAL YOU, a GOOD Conscience.

We’ve been exploring the idea of your spirit (the REAL YOU, the user/administrator) dominating your body (flesh) and your soul (mind, will and emotions). (See the blog post: DeFrag Yourself).


6 conditions of a Peak Performer

In order for the REAL YOU, your spirit, to control and dominate your hardware (body) and your software (soul), you need to be able to open up, recognize, and distinguish when your spirit is talking to the rest of you, and when it’s your body or soul that is talking.


We’ve been talking about a Good Conscience being the highest value voice we hear, because it is the REAL YOU, the voice of your spirit, administrating your life and making the right decision every single time.  In order to achieve that kind of success rate in our good to bad decision making ratio we must sharpen our skills in recognizing and acting on that voice when we hear it.  And hear it, we must, if we want Peak Performance.


There are 6 conditions of a Good Conscience:


  1. PURE
  4. WEAK


In the coming days we will look at each of these conditions in depth.  Really, there are only three conditions.  Notice that there is merely a positive side and a negative side to the three condition.

As we learn to implement the positive conditions we will begin to achieve Peak Performance in every area of life!! Guaranteed!!!


Boo Yah!!

The Success Secret of Ancient Olympic Peak Performers


Peak Performer conscience

The ancient Greek Olympians were some of the first Peak Performers, blazing the trail for each of us who utilize their Mental Toughness Techniques.  They understood that they were a 3 Part Being (See DeFrag Yourself).


These ancient Peak Performers dominated their weak flesh with their willing spirits by honing their skill of listening to the voice of their spirit, their conscience.  The ancient Greek word for conscience is suneidesis (soon-i’-day-sis) and it literally means “Co-Perception” or to perceive together.  Together with what? Together with their 5 physical senses.  Their conscience, their suneidesis, was their 6th Sense.  It gave them the edge in reactionary situations but it also was the thing that helped them to dominate their bodies, and their souls (mind, will, and emotions).


These champions of old, almost magically, without the help of modern science, modern technology, (without Google, even), knew what to do to win.  They knew how to do it.  And most importantly, they knew when to do it.  All Peak Performers have this 6th Sense, not just as a warning system, like Spider Man’s Spidey Sense, but the REAL YOU, your spirit, taking into account all of the information gathered by your physical senses and processed at the sub-conscious level, at lightning fast speed.


If you begin to recognize this voice, and then begin to act on it instantly, your performance level will rise in proportion.  Here’s a simple example:  Several years ago, I was doing some maintenance on a rental property we owned, mostly yard work.  It was hot, humid and sunny.  My conscience, the voice of my spirit, told me to put on some sun screen about 2 hours into the morning.  I ignored it and, yup, was the proud owner of a scorching, blistering, sun burn.  Needless to say, my performance level for the next several dropped to almost nothing.


Ask yourself, have you ever done something or been somewhere when it all went south, and you said, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!” or “I knew I shouldn’t have gone to that!” ? If you ever had that experience, you just located your suneidesis of the Ancient Olympic Champions.


Please go to the comments and share an experience when you heard your conscience but ignored it and what happened.  Or, share a time when you heard your conscience and acted on it.  Sharing these types of experiences help to make you more aware and more willing to act on your conscience.


Boo Yah!

2 Types of Conscience

We’ve been exploring the idea of your spirit (the REAL YOU, the user/administrator) dominating your body (flesh) and your soul (mind, will and emotions). (See the blog post: DeFrag Yourself: The 3 Parts of You).


In order for the REAL YOU, your spirit, to control and dominate your hardware (body) and your software (soul), you need to be able to open up, recognize, and distinguish when your spirit is talking to the rest of you, and when it’s your body or soul that is talking.


The VOICE with the highest value to YOU should and must be the Voice of YOUR SPIRIT.  Unless you place this voice at the top of your value system of voice sources, you abdicate your position as user/administrator of your life.


You know the voice of your spirit. It’s easily recognizable. The technical term for it is conscience.  Yup! That’s right! The voice of your spirit is your conscience.  Now when we use the word conscience, most times we picture a cartoon angel on one shoulder and a cartoon devil on the other, arguing over what is right and what is wrong.  Well, it’s a start but very basic notion of conscience.


2 types of conscience

Conscience can be broken down into two categories:


  1. Good Conscience
  2. Guilty Conscience


A guilty conscience is literally the VOICE of GUILT!  By definition it is full of labors, annoyances, hardships, pressed and harassed, bringing toil, and causing pain.  It sounds like what your Mom did to you growing up. Exactly! It is the voice that comes from a behavior checklist of do’s and don’ts.  It is a literally a pain in the neck, only lower.  If you are feeling guilty about something, STOP!! RED FLAG IT!! Ask yourself, is someone manipulating me into doing something?  The Guilty Conscience is NOT the VOICE of YOUR SPIRIT!! Let me say that again, if you are being made to feel guilty about anything, stop and ask yourself what is the source of this guilt? Is it your parents? Your Spouse? Your Boss? Your Customers? Your Diet Plan? Society? Your Friends?


A GOOD Conscience IS the voice of YOUR spirit, the REAL YOU!! To operate at Peak Performance, you must be at this level of consciousness, where YOU make your own decisions and administrate your own life.

By definition a good conscience is noble, honorable, affecting the mind agreeably, it is comforting, brings peace and is confirming.  A good conscience helps you choose correctly every single time, every single decision, every single belief, every single action.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic to make the right decision every time? Impossible, you say.  Well, maybe, but once I started operating out of a good conscience, my ratio of good decisions to bad ones shot through the roof!!   Because of that, I have extensively studied this level of consciousness and will share what I have learned with you in coming days, months and years.  (It’s too huge for a blog post, it’s a life-long endeavor.)

 Boo Yah!!


What Are Your 3 Most Valued Sources?

We’ve been exploring the idea of your spirit (the REAL YOU, the user/administrator) dominating your body (flesh) and your soul (mind and emotions). (See the blog post: DeFrag Yourself: The 3 Parts of You).

Value System of Thought Sources Peak Performance


In order for the REAL YOU, your spirit, to control and dominate your hardware (body) and your software (mind), you need to be able to open up, recognize, and distinguish when your spirit is talking to the rest of you, and when it’s your body or mind that is talking.


With all the voices in the world vying for our attention, and we now know these voices are “heard” as thoughts, we must begin to identify the sources of each of our thoughts.  Once a voice’s source is identified, we must now assign a value system to the various sources of these voices.


Let’s break it down.  How much value do you place on the voice of the crazy car dealership ads? “Come on down to Crazy Eddie’s Car Emporium, where our PRICES are INSANE!”  Probably not that much.  What about CNN or MSNBC or Fox News?  We usually pick a news source based on the value we place on that network’s voice.  (I pick NONE of the ABOVE because I guard my receiver (mind) and the voice of the media is usually things straight off of the RED FLAG LIST of thoughts/voices.)


Here’s today’s action step, take inventory of the 3 voices you hear most, and then place a value on each source. HINT: Dump the voices that are NOT helping you and replace them with new sources that spur you onto Peak Performance!




1. Talk Radio– voice of complaints and problems- value = 0


2. TV News – murders, wars, and natural disasters – value =1


3. Andrew’s Blog/NewsletterPeak Performance through Mental Toughness, success in life, happiness, GREEN FLAG LIST value = 100 + infinity times 10


Okay, I know, a little self-serving and over the top but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true! Hah!


If you aren’t writing out your inventory of voices and putting a value system on them, you are leaving a giant vacuum and allowing other source’s voices to become the user/administrator of your hardware (body) and software (soul -mind, will and emotions).

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