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6 Conditions of a Peak Performer

The 6 Conditions of a Peak Performer, actually the voice of the REAL YOU, a GOOD Conscience.

We’ve been exploring the idea of your spirit (the REAL YOU, the user/administrator) dominating your body (flesh) and your soul (mind, will and emotions). (See the blog post: DeFrag Yourself).


6 conditions of a Peak Performer

In order for the REAL YOU, your spirit, to control and dominate your hardware (body) and your software (soul), you need to be able to open up, recognize, and distinguish when your spirit is talking to the rest of you, and when it’s your body or soul that is talking.


We’ve been talking about a Good Conscience being the highest value voice we hear, because it is the REAL YOU, the voice of your spirit, administrating your life and making the right decision every single time.  In order to achieve that kind of success rate in our good to bad decision making ratio we must sharpen our skills in recognizing and acting on that voice when we hear it.  And hear it, we must, if we want Peak Performance.


There are 6 conditions of a Good Conscience:


  1. PURE
  4. WEAK


In the coming days we will look at each of these conditions in depth.  Really, there are only three conditions.  Notice that there is merely a positive side and a negative side to the three condition.

As we learn to implement the positive conditions we will begin to achieve Peak Performance in every area of life!! Guaranteed!!!


Boo Yah!!

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