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2 Voices That Command Your Attention

We’ve been exploring the idea of your spirit (the REAL YOU, the user/administrator) dominating your body (flesh) and your soul (mind, will and emotions). (See the blog post: DeFrag Yourself: The 3 Parts of You).

2 voices that command attention peak performance


In order for the REAL YOU, your spirit, to control and dominate your hardware (body) and your software (soul), you need to be able to open up, recognize, and distinguish when your spirit is talking to the rest of you, and when it’s your body or soul that is talking.


Where to start with something like this?  We must recognize that there are many many voices in the world and all of them are vying for our attention.   That is the basis of advertising, companies are trying to get their voices heard.  Also, political agendas, talk radio, television shows, movies, music, your boss at work, your spouse, the kids, the PTA, the telemarketer, the door to door sales guys, etc.  Everyone and everything (yes, every THING) has a voice, even inanimate objects will talk to you. Example, has the LOW FUEL LIGHT on your car ever gone on? What was it saying to you? How about when you look up in the corner of the windshield and see you are 5,000 miles and 6 months past due for an oil change?  Even been in an 8-hour training seminar at work and the chair you are sitting on starts talking to you?


We do base what voice we pay attention based on certain criteria.  The top two voices that we ALWAYS listen to are:


  1. PAIN
  2. FEAR


When FEAR is intense it will override PAIN.  I’ve seen this on the battlefield when someone gets wounded there is crazy pain, but the fear of death will override pain and cause warriors to do extraordinary things while in great PAIN.


Notice that all of these voices we have been talking about are NON-AUDIBLE voices.  We hear audible voices with our ears but the true receiver of all voices (audible and non-audible) is in our minds or more precisely our thoughts.  The trick is to decipher, sift through, filter and identify the origins of each voice or thought.  Is this thought coming from an advertisement? Is it from a movie, talk show, the news, a column I read? Is it from my spouse? My educational background? Is this my body talking to me? My feelings or is someone manipulating me?


In order to reach Peak Performance we must be mentally tough enough to begin to identify exactly the source of the voices in the world that are commanding our attention.  Stay tuned, same Bat-Channel!

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