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The Warrior Culture

My wife and I, have always taken our kids for “beach week”, over the 4th of July, to Onslow Beach, Camp LeJeune, NC.  Many times through the years, I haven’t made it, usually being overseas or on a contract somewhere.  Some years, I squeeze in a day or two, like this year.  Each and every time I enter the gate, either to Mainside, Geiger, New River, Johnson, the Rifle Range, etc.  I feel the warm comfort of being back inside the Warrior Culture.

Camp LeJuene


In this world, Peak Performance and Mental Toughness are as normal and ubiquitous as breathing and eating are in the civilian world.  For me, it’s like being wrapped in a warm dry blanket on a cold rainy day.  I love being around the Hoplites.  Professional Warriors are like no others.  They give up nearly all of the freedoms, for which they fight, to ensure we have and enjoy ours.  They don’t do it for the money or personal gain. In the beginning they may do it for patriotism and the nation; in the end they do it for each other.

Inside the Warrior Culture, there permeates a peer pressure, to not let each other down, provoking one another to the highest levels of performance and mental toughness.  Iron sharpening iron.  I want my kids to grow up around such an environment, even if they only get to experience it once or twice a year.  Consciousness is contagious. Marines motivate and inspire each other, that’s why after leaving active duty over 22 years ago, I keep coming back home.  The old guard passes on the traditions of Mental Toughness to the newer generation, and that’s been going on since 1775.

Here’ the take away, find a professional warrior and hang around them, let some old school Mental Toughness rub off on you.  Whatever issue you are having trouble conquering, being around a professional warrior will cure up that case of “but it’s too hard”.

Boo Yah!!

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for serving our country. It’s because of people like you that so many of us get to live such amazing lives. Thanks Andrew and I hope you had a great fourth of July.

  2. There is indeed a bond which develops around a common mindset, in pursuit of a common goal, or when facing a common adversary. I’m fortunate enough to have experienced this not only during my military career, but in my business career as well.

    This Navy guy says to you – with all respect: “Semper fi, Marine!”

    Wiz Withers
    Helicopter pilot
    USN (Retired)

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