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Three Buckets

My business partner and mentor, Steve Siebold, and I, run a program for corporations called, Mental Toughness University.  The program’s curriculum is tailored and customized for each client.  The initial introduction is kicked off by a one day seminar, followed by a year long coaching/facilitation process.

 Three Buckets

Here’s what’s important to you, we can use the corporate customization process, tweak it, and use it for individuals.  We’ve found that MTU solutions are generated to solve issues in three major areas, or 3 buckets.  The buckets are:

  1. Performance
  2. Development
  3. Change

Ask yourself, “What are the top three issues, in my life, that need solving, right now?”

Is it career related? Finance related? Health related? Relationship related?


Let’s separate them, and put them into the buckets:

Is it related to my PERFORMANCE or lack thereof? (Example: Did I get passed over for promotion because I don’t strive for excellence and peak performance?)

Can it be fixed by the DEVELOPMENT of my knowledge, skills, and attitude? (Example: If I get better training, develop a better attitude, or hone my skills, would that get me the promotion?)

Did this pop up due to a CHANGE that I had nothing to do with, and what is my response? (Example: Regulatory changes have totally changed my industry and decimated it, should I just be stunned and complain about how its unfair?)


Life is tough and it’s getting tougher out there.  I read an article that quoted the following statistics:  4 out of 5 U.S. adults face near-poverty and no work.  It states that economic INSECURITY increases with age.  None of us is getting any younger.  The question is what are you doing about your PERFORMANCE, DEVELOPMENT, and the constant CHANGE?

I have a strategic plan and vision that loads solutions into all three buckets, do you? Continuing to put off filling your buckets with solutions, only brings you closer to insecurity.  Fill your buckets up, start today! (If you need help, contact me.)

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