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Don’t Be A Hypo-Criticizer!

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

  Eleanor Roosevelt


Yesterday, I spoke about us not complimenting each other enough.  Today, here’s the flip side, we all criticize each other way too much.  I’m beyond guilty on this one.  Sometimes I catch myself, and have reverse course full-speed.  Usually, what I’m criticizing somebody about is an area in my life that I know doesn’t measure up. So, what I do to make myself feel better, about my own lack of results, is to point out where someone else is “doing worse than me”.    Not good!

Also, along these lines, when others criticize us, remember where they are coming from, an area in their own lives they are not happy with their own results.  Keeping this in mind, when others take shots at us, re-read the above quote.  Do NOT internalize critical comments that put you down.  Do NOT let anyone make you feel inferior.  No one can without your permission.

One last thought, take a minute to think about whatever criticism you receive, look at it objectively.  Think about what was said, but rephrase to the most neutral and unemotional language you can conjure up.  Then ask, “Is this an area in my life that I could use some development? Can my results actually be better? Can I use this criticism to launch me to the next level?”

Here’s today’s take away:

1. Compliment others, don’t criticize.

2. Don’t allow anyone’s criticism to make you feel inferior.

3. Do use criticism from others to launch you to the next level of success.


Boo Yah!!

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