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Life on All 8-Cylinders

Ever since I can remember, my quest has been to have my life running on all 8-cylinders, (a reference to the old high-powered V-8 engines of the American muscle cars).

 running on all cylinders

 I wanted a high-powered, high performance life, one that worked the way it was designed to work, and be able to handle the curves, pot-holes, and road hazards, life oft times throws in our path.  I wanted a life that was strong, durable, and had the horse power to achieve success and fulfillment.

We are all born with a high-powered V-8 engine; each of us, our own version of the muscle car.  The problem is most of us aren’t running on all 8-cylinders.  Some of us are sputtering through life with only one or two cylinders firing, leaving us with diminished horse-power to handle the curves, pot-holes, road hazards, and hills.

Here are the 8-cylinders of the engine, that’s been my undertaking to tune-up:

1)      Spiritual Health

2)      Physical Health

3)      Mental Health

4)      Emotional Health

5)      Social Health

6)      Cultural Health

7)      Financial Health

8)      Professional Health

When our lives are tuned-up and firing-off in each one of these areas, life is SWEET!

Over the course of the next several posts, we’ll look at each “cylinder” a little closer, and clearly define each one.  Some are obvious and others not so much, but each cylinder is vital to your engine putting out and performing at the level needed in order to reach that great destination called, “Success and Fulfillment”.

And by the way, success and fulfillment can only be defined by YOU, as in, you’ll know it when you experience it.  No one can define it for you, but I can help you clarify your destination, bring it into focus, and map out the route to get there.

Boo yah!

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