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The Quality That Refuses To Give Up

“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill…Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.”

Samuel Johnson


The best scientific guess is that 20 million years ago the Colorado River began to carve out the Grand Canyon.  Water vs. Rock – at first glance, water has no shot.  Water possesses the quality that refuses to give up.  After ridiculous persistence, water is victorious.

Yeah, I know, we don’t have 20 million years to “get ‘er done”.  Our goals probably aren’t  on the same scale as the Grand Canyon either.  The deal in life is, that it ain’t over until you say it is over.  I’ve had clients who went through bad financial times and lost their jobs, their cars, and even their houses.  Those things are awful, but not the end.  Guess what? They make new cars everyday, and better ones than were repossessed.  They build new houses everyday, and better ones than went into foreclosure.  And as for the job?  If you must have one, and one isn’t available, create your own.

If you find yourself being discouraged and ready to quit, or you think it’s over…COWBOY UP! It’s not over, all is not lost, and you can’t fail unless you decide to quit.  Be like the Colorado River, refuse to give up! Just keep at it, pouring over the rock that is in your way.  You are more powerful than water.  You are an unstoppable force. No rock, circumstance, or person can block you.  Only you can block you.

I know we are all dazzled by the quick starters and overnight sensations, but these are usually just a flash in the pan, and a one hit wonder.  True happiness, (success plus fulfillment) comes from a marathon/long-haul mindset, not the sprint.  I realize achieving the marathon mindset is difficult in our society of microwave popcorn, instant downloads of books, movies, and music, and Fast-Pass at Disney.

Sorry, greatness doesn’t come in an instant pack, we have to apply our talents, skills, and abilities, with diligence and perseverance.  Peak Performance requires the quality that refuses to give up.

Boo Yah!!

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