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Is Your Personal Space Being Violated?

Violate Airspace Peak Performance

We are looking at the 6 conditions of the conscience, your co-perceiver (Ancient Olympian’s 6th Sense), and today we look at a Defiled (violated) Conscience.


DEFILED means to pollute, sully, contaminate, stain, but most importantly, violate (which is an unauthorized intrusion or assault).  Remembering the last post, let’s highlight an unauthorized intrusion by guilt.  I like to think of stopping unauthorized assault in terms of air space.  For example, aren’t you glad we are sending the missile defense systems via the Navy to the Pacific to expand our national airspace, due to the North Korean threat?  What if our military leaders decided, “Hey, we’ve got L.A. and NYC radar towers, we’re covered,”? Ludicrous, you say, but that’s exactly what we do when it comes to protecting the airspace of our Inner Olympian.  We constantly allow our airspace to be violated.  Not just by guilt but also by the thoughts from the RED FLAG LIST.  Take an honest assessment of the voices you are listening to, everything from radio, TV, music, books, blogs, teachers, ministers, coaches, friends, family, etc.  If you are constantly being bombarded by negativity and even excuses for mediocrity, your anti-air defenses will eventually run down and become ineffective.  Next thing you know, your Inner Olympian’s borders have been occupied by enemy forces.  And don’t fool yourself, RED FLAG LIST thoughts are your ENEMY.  In fact, if you don’t make the RED FLAG LIST your personal enemy, you have already lost.


Keeping your Conscience (Inner Olympian) from being defiled, violated, assaulted should be a top priority.  One of the prolific students of the Ancient Greek philosophers said this to a Roman governor, “I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence.”  We each must take personal responsibility to exercise (yeah, it’s work) our own selves to keep the airspace pushed out.  Let me say it another way, YOU are the ONLY ONE who can push out  YOUR airspace.  People don’t always like it when I assert my Inner Olympian, but my wife, my kids, and my clients enjoy the benefits of me operating at Peak Performance.


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