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The Elusive Secret of Peak Performance

We are looking at the 6 conditions of the conscience, your co-perceiver (Ancient Olympian’s 6th Sense), and today we look at a Weak Conscience.


Weak Conscience

Weak means without strength, feeble, powerless, needy and double-minded (always having a back up option in case reaching Peak Performance doesn’t work out). Ouch!

When we don’t exercise ourselves (click here for a reminder about this), we become weak.  Even if at one time you were strong, if you stop exercising yourself, you lose strength.  As a personal trainer, the folks I coach expect me to be strong.  If I go several days, which quickly can become weeks, I become significantly weaker in bench press, push-ups, pull-ups, squats…I get weak.  Same goes with our conscience/Inner Olympian.  The symptoms of having a weak Inner Olympian go like this: never seeming to get victory over obstacles in your path, no matter how long you’ve been trying; or the habit you are trying to kick continues to plague you; those LBS. never seem to come off, no matter what you try; or you are always looking for that elusive missing secret to success and results.


NEWS FLASH: if you are constantly in a cycle of not achieving desired results, or the destructive behavior of making choices that don’t propel you to success and victory (including relationships) – your Inner Olympian is WEAK (without strength, feeble, powerless, or needy).  I know we don’t like to think of the fact that the way our life is turning out is our own responsibility, but it is what it is.  If you aren’t responsible for your life, who is? Thinking that “it’s not my fault” is a sign of a weak Inner Olympian and here’s the elusive missing secret to success – start exercising yourself (all 3 parts of you need De-Fragging). That’s it? YUP! That’s it. Now you know.

Here’s today’s action step for Peak Performance: Sign up for the Newsletter, read this blog daily (even if it’s an old post) and feed your Inner Olympian some good nutrition.  If you don’t take action against being weak, no one else can do it for you.

Boo yah!!

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