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Move It or Lose It

“Nothing happens until I make it happen.”

 Scott Wilson


kick in the pants


So many people I know are waiting around for things to happen.  They are waiting for “their ship to come in”, or “someday when they win the lottery”, or waiting to be “discovered” or get their “lucky break”, etc., etc., etc.   Fast forward 25 years and they are either still waiting or have completely given up.

We all know from school that an object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by a force.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting any younger, and I refuse to sit around waiting for some “force” to “happen by” in my direction, and maybe, per chance, act upon my life.  No, I think I’ll apply my talents, skills, and abilities, and be my own force.

During our program, Mental Toughness University, we share with corporate executives and sales reps a little thing my business partner and mentor, Steve Siebold, calls the “Death Clock”.  It’s really a chart that shows the average number of days we each have left to live, according to gender and age.  (I’m down to less than 10,585). Yes, I plan on outliving that number, but it’s a great kick in the pants (i.e. force) to get me off my hind-quarters and get moving forward.

Life comes at you fast, and goes past you even faster.  Don’t sit around waiting, get up and do something to get moving forward.

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