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Forget Time Management, Do These 3 Steps Instead!

As a consultant/coach, the biggest issue I deal with when helping an organization or individual is a limiting set of beliefs, not the lack of time management.  Not that goals can not be reached, not that success can not be achieved, but not for them, always for others.  Maybe some day, they’ll get lucky and their ship will come in.  The struggle is “just making it” day to day.  This is true of my clients that want to lose weight or get in shape for swimsuit season, or the sales organization with reps struggling to make quotas, or home-based business owners who can’t seem to get any forward traction in building their businesses.


Forget Time Management


If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing to do is to replace that limiting belief with a belief that you not only can reach your goal, but you will blow it out of the water half way to the next benchmark!


“How can I do that, Andrew?”


Glad you asked.  It’s actually very simple, but you have to constantly stay on top of the process, which happens in three steps.


1)Thoughts – you must identify every thought which pops into your head.  You have to be the “Thought Police” (for yourself, not somebody else…tried it, it doesn’t help them).  Set up a border crossing check-point in your mind, like out of a James Bond movie. Post guards, give them a barricade and some machine pistols….and some cool looking uniforms.  Check every thought’s passport and visa, if it’s a positive thought, give it entry into the country of your mind.  If it’s a negative thought, arrest it, handcuff it, and then deport it.  If it keeps trying to sneak back in, just go ahead and shoot it.


2)Imaginations – you must not only let the positive thoughts into your borders, you need to invite them to move in with you.  Play them out in a movie clip in your mind.  Make it 3D, with a great sound track, awesome special effects, produce an award winning movie….and then watch it over and over and over and over again.  Then watch it again and again and again.  I discovered this trick a long time ago, when my wife and I had no washer and dryer, we had to go to the laundromat.  Yuck!! That’s a bad way to spend a Saturday.  So, I produced a movie in my mind that starred a washer and dryer in my house!! I had every detail of that dynamic duo pictured, and the sound track to go with it.  The washer would become unbalanced and shake the entire house, I would run upstairs and fix it.  I put saw myself putting in the Snuggles fabric softener. I cleaned out the lint filter on the dryer.  And most importantly, I didn’t have to spend 3 hours at the Super Suds-n-Spin every week.


3)Belief – after watching that movie clip about you reaching your goal, ad nauseam, a weird thing happens, you actually start to believe it.  Then you begin to talk about it.  People got tired of me talking about the new washer and dryer I was getting.  I think my friends were happier than I was once we finally had them in the house, hooked up and washing away!


Tomorrow, I’ll help you with an easy trick to identify the negative thoughts from the positive one.  You won’t want to miss it!

Boo Yah!!

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